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Jan 15, 2013 09:53 AM

Best live oysters in Tampa

Hi all, we're going down to Tampa for the weekend and could use some recs on where to get the best live oysters - we don't make it down to seaside spots very often! From scouring the chowhound forums, we've come up with a few options (Island Grille and Raw bar for HH, Oystercatchers for brunch), but would love some updated advice on the following:

1. Dinner place?
Central Ave Oyster Bar in St. Petersburg - read one review about being served dead oysters...
PJ's in St. Pete's Beach
The Crab Shack in St. Petersburg
Rick's on the River
Any other suggestions for nice, juicy oysters?

2. Any good seafood places in Ybor City?


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  1. Shrimp and Co in Ybor is good. Just ate there last night in fact. Fresh shrimp and grouper. It's not fancy- more like a place you would find on the beach. They have raw oysters but I have not had them there in a while. I think they are 12.99 a dozen. Gaspars up in Temple Terrace- about 10 mins from Ybor- has raw oysters from Louisiana. 14.99 for 2 dozen.