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Has anyone seen 'nduja for sale in Southern CA?

An LA county place would be perfect, but willing to go south to OC or SD if necessary, thanks.

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      Got some sent down from Boccalone's in SF. Used it as one of the ingredients to make some killer bolognese. See recipe here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/6797...

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        Looks awesome. I may have to do the mail order route as well, as I am not having any luck finding it here on the Westside.

    2. Seen Boccalone's nduja at a Whole Foods. Cube also sometimes carry it.

      1. Wow! That's a good question!

        I haven't checked recently, but when I went looking for it 4-5 years ago, I couldn't locate any! So, I ended up curing my own.

        I'd love to see a response to this as I'd like to try other places' versions of this to try!

        1. I have seen it at the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills... you might call them to ensure them having some on hand when you arrive.

          1. Thank you all very much! I will try the places suggested, and am psyched to have a reason to go back to the Cheese Store... Will let you know what I find....

            1. I found it at Food + Lab in Silverlake.

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              1. they have it at the Farm Shop Larder at the Brentwood Country Mart

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                  Really? I did not see it there, I will have to look more closely, thank you!

                2. I would recommend giving Guidi Marcello in Santa Monica a call. They carry many hard-to-find Italian products and the prices are very good. If you do end up going there, know that it's a little hard to find. You will need to enter 10th St. from Olympic, going westbound, and they will be on the right hand (east) side.

                  Guidi Marcello

                  1649 10th St.
                  Santa Monica, CA 90404

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                      Thank you, I think I will try them today, I have not been there before. Thanks for the comprehensive directions, I appreciate that!

                    2. Wow, I'm going to have to check into these places. It surely wasn't around a few years ago. But now I'm seeing recommendations as to where to buy it. This has the potential to save me quite a bit of time and the opportunity to try other blends.

                      Thanks for this thread!

                      1. Update:
                        I found Guidi Marcello in Santa Monica, thanks for the excellent directions, condementia. I found out something interesting from Gessica Guidi. They do not carry 'nduja, because it is not allowed to be imported. So apparently any products found here are domestic ones. Nonetheless, I was happy to find the store, and a bottle of wine I have been looking for.

                        I also checked the Whole Foods on Wilshire & 5th in Santa Monica, and there was none there either. Next time I'm in Brentwood, I'll check the one on San Vicente. And since I will be in BH next week anyway, I will check at the Cheese Store. Thanks again for everyone's help, and I will keep you informed as to when I find some.

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                          The Whole Foods on Montana does not carry it either.

                        2. I've bought it from Cube on La Brea...


                          1. Well, having checked most WF markets in Santa Monica, and coming up empty, will intend to broaden my inspection process to other WF markets, when in the areas, such as Venice & Brentwood.

                            I will be in the Eastside and BH later this week, so I still intend to check at the Cheese Store, and Food + Lab in Silverlake.

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                              Y'know, I was at the BH Cheese Store yesterday and totally forgot to ask! I go all ADD de fromage as soon as I walk in that place...