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Jan 15, 2013 09:18 AM

Flanken / Kalbi / Korean short ribs

I've been wanting to try some recipes that call for a cut of beef called flanken (in Jewish cooking) or kalbi (in Korean cooking). Since they don't carry this at my local supermarket, can anyone suggest where I might find it? Or good substitutes if all else fails?

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  1. What type of recipes are you looking for....grill or braise?

    Flanken and Kalbi are thin cuts with can purchase Chuck Short Ribs, bones uncut.....or you can purchase Boneless Chuck Short Ribs.

    To Suggest where you can purchase would be helpful if you provided your location.

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    1. re: fourunder

      Thank you fourunder! I'm looking at using it in a stew right now, but I've also seen some intriguing recipes for the grill. I live in suburban Connecticut -- about an hour outside of NYC. There are good supermarkets nearby (Whole Foods, Stew Leonards, Stop & Shop, etc.) but I've never really looked for specialty meats.

      1. re: TracyGeo

        I've never cared for the Flanken/Kalbi's always tough and chewy.....I prefer the larger long bone cut in half or a stair boneless short rib. The cartilage around the bone is not pleasant when grilled.....Flanken in the Pot is tasteless boiled beef and the texture of Kalbi when marinated with some form of pectin, is off putting at times.

        I prefer the longer braise with wine, stock or beer. Marinated, sliced thin and grilled over coals, cast iron or stone is also very good.

        I'd be surprised if any of the stores you just mentioned did not have short ribs available.....if so, you do not have to settle strictly for the Flanken Style cut. Tell the butcher how you want it cut to meet the recipe you intend to make.

        Also, you can get Sort Ribs in any Asian/Korean market....or in any Latin Market as well.....the latter, with the best reasonable pricing.

    2. We make kalbi at home pretty frequently, and use flanken cut short ribs for it (that's what the Korean in-laws use, and I'd say they know what's up). The butcher department at BJ's, our local warehouse club, flanken cuts the ribs for us. You should ask around your local supermarkets. Assuming they get whole short rib sections, odds are they'll be willing to cut them flanken style for you.