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Jan 15, 2013 09:08 AM

ANNOUNCEMENT: O'Mei's Giant Lobster chowmeet - 1st sitting FULL! Planning 2nd sitting for 28th February!!


Dear Chowfriends,

As anticipated, responses to my 'O'Mei's Giant Lobster 5 ways and more+++' chowmeet clarion call had been overwhelming!! All 24 spaces were taken within the first 24 hours!!

As such, I am currently planning a 2nd sitting to accommodate 'overspilled' chowhound members.

Proposed date will be Thursday, 28th February, 2013. ( to avoid the CNY rush ).

One slight modification to the original 1st sitting:
After talking to O'Mei's chef/owner. They ensure me that quality of food will not be compromised even serving up to 6 round tables simultaneously! Therefore, for our 2nd sitting, I will be expanding our meet to 3 round tables of 12 participants per table! That is, a total of 36 spots will be available!

For more detail, please refer to my original post:

As before, if you are interested in attending this 2nd meet, please contact me by e-mail direct!

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