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Jan 15, 2013 09:01 AM

Quebrada Baking Company's Chocolate Cake a Total Bore

Forgot to post, but bought a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting from Quebrada over the holidays... looked nice enough, but had that lame flabby (not quite as bad as supermarket chocolate cake but close) forgettable flavor that so much chocolate cake in Boston suffers from. My first, and last go with a cake from Quebrada.

So lame that 1/3 of the cake was left after the dinner at which we served it, and I never bothered to eat it and ended up throwing it away.

What is it? Canned frosting? Vegetable shortening instead of butter and cream? How hard is it to make a truly yummy chocolate cake?

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  1. I haven't tried a cake from Quebrada in maybe ten years but I remember they had some of the best butter frosting cakes around. It's disappointing to hear that this might have changed. I still stop by for cookies and a great mocha every so often.

    1. It really shouldn't have canned frosting, cheap chocolate, veg shortening etc. I expect that from a super market at super market prices.

      1. Striper, I am so glad you posted this! I requested a Quebrada Chocolate cake/Cream cheese frosting for my birthday over the holidays, and DH obliged. What a disappointment! Frosting WAY overly sweet, cake moist but otherwise forgettable. I was surprised, as I've had their cakes in the past and liked them.

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          " Frosting WAY overly sweet, cake moist but otherwise forgettable. "


          It wasn't offputtingly bad, it just tasted like... nothing.

          1. re: StriperGuy

            have you tried many things at vicki lee boyajian's? i remember being impressed by her cakes, and she lists all ingreds in her items.

        2. On the other (vanilla) hand, their strawberry layer cake is phenomenal.

          1. I was unjustly disappointed in Quebrada because walking by I thought it would be a mexican bakery and was craving some pink pan de dulce.

            The adobe like facade just threw me off.