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Jan 15, 2013 08:31 AM

Friday lunch, best rec?

Looking for a rec for an interesting lunch on a Friday (a few weekends *after* Mardi Gras) for approx. six. Fri. eve's dinner will be at Galatoire's. We've done Commander's in the past, and it was well received. Any other thoughts? I seem to recall August, Luke or one of the Besh restaurants had a good lunch. Still the case?

Staying in the Quarter, but that need not dictate us as we're all be collecting ourselves from MSY.

Due to party size, a place that takes reservations may be advantageous. Thanks in advance, 'hounds.

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  1. I suppose it depends on when you are getting in but, since it is a Friday you probably cannot go straightto Galatorie's and I'd jump to Luke in that case. Some oysters, some headcheese...nothing too heavy. Then I'd take the short walk to Galatoire's about 3:30 and stake out a table and turn lunch into dinner.

    1. Coquette, Patois, August, MiLa....lots of good places for lunch on Friday and they all take reservations. August and MiLa are walking distance from the quarter, Coquette and Patois require transportation. Look at the menus at each and then choose one; you really can't go wrong!