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Jan 15, 2013 07:20 AM

Red Bank area - Fish Tacos

I'm really jonesing for a Woody's fish taco (or three). Any recs for a suitable replacement until they're back in biz?

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  1. I would suggest Fins in Bradley Beach as the best and closest. There is a Surf Taco in Red Bank, but I kinda think their food is pretty lousy.

    1. MGZ - thanks. I don't know Fins. Also, I don't want lousy. What about 10th Ave Burrito?

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      1. re: Papa Bing

        I can't comment on the fish tacos at 10th Ave. as I have never had them. My gut feeling from my visits there, however, is that they are meat-centric, but others may know better. Personally, I think that Fins's Bradley location does the best Mexi-Cali in the County - especially, when it comes to the seafood offerings.

        1. re: MGZ

          I finally tried the fish tacos at 10th Avenue Burrito. 3 fish tacos, black beans and rice. While the ingredients were fresh the main player was hardly in attendance-tiny tiny piece of fish in each of the tacos. The rice was dry. The beans were lacking spice. The price was fair. But I wouldn't run to 10th Ave for a fish taco. Next time, I'll try the lobster mac n cheese, or a mega burrito or just go for the nachos. I saw these orders coming out of the kitchen as I was leaving that caught my eye. Just skip the fish taco.

      2. Looks like there are thrre Fin's locations. Is BB the best?

        1. The fish tacos at copper canyon are great!

          I have never had them at woodys but I can almost guarantee you will enjoy these.

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          1. re: corvette johnny

            I'm really interested in going to CC - pretty much top of my list. Frankly, though, it's the tequila selection that most attracts me. Since there is no public transportation between Manasquan and the Highlands; however, I gotta figure out the best way to get there and home without the risk of getting my sampling's worth and winding up wearing steel bracelets. Wanna pick me up and drive me home, Johnny? I but you a steak?

            Papa - as to your inquiry about Fins, I s'pose I have a soft spot for the Bradley location since I came to know it because of the Surfrider meetings I attended there. I've been to Brick and it seems about the same, but I figured BB was the closest to Red Bank.

            1. re: MGZ

              We might be able to work something out. The train could be a possibility too. Red bank or middletown are both close (which I assume you know.)

              what kind of tequila do you like?

              The don julio 1942 is my favorite. That stuff is amazing. Its pricey, and even pricier by the glass at CC, but worth it once in a while. I pick up a bottle here and there and it is amazingly smooth stuff.

              1. re: MGZ

                Nice, real nice! Planning a party without me....I see how it is now.

                Not being sarcastic in the least but I do use and have the services of a private driver.........Jr learned a long time ago it's always better to be safe than sorry.

                I'm not a tequila guy but I have sampled a few of their infused tequila's which I can report were horrible! (Just because I really don't like tequila outside of cafe patron which isn't really tequila I know!!)

              2. re: corvette johnny

                I have had the fish tacos at both places and I can confirm that the fish tacos at copper canyon are at least as good as those at Woody's. CJ, you know I have had issues with the service at Copper Canyon, but I conceded that the food was delicious. The last time I was at Woodys, I heard the chef who was famous for his fish tacos had left and there was a new chef. I had the shrimp tacos and I didn't notice any difference, so I will definitely be back when they reopen. I believe CC only offers a baja fish (cod) taco, whereas Woodys offers both shrimp and cod tacos.

                1. re: NYCPA

                  Still love the Shrimp Tempura Tacos originally pioneered by Chef Ed at "The Shack" a few doors down from Woody's. Anyone know what he's been up to since his leaving?

                  1. re: NYCPA

                    Wow this might have the making of a copper canyon show down lol. JR, MGZ, cj, equal mark, and nycpa...

                    A weekend chow hound dinner could be a great winter event.

                    Nycpa, that place does have a clown or two but for the most part they are ok. Ask for Fernando by name. He has a following so it is not always possible to get him. Tell him Jonathan and Priscilla sent you. He will take good care of you. I think he is back home in brasil now but he will be back soon.

                    Ps, I assume you are a CPA. Maybe we can meet for a drink at cc. I might be interested in your services if you take individual clients


                    1. re: NYCPA

                      FYI CJ & NYCPA.........I have created a "junk" email address for my social networking sites to "dump" their email/spam etc. into. I have that email posted on my profile so people if so desiring can contact me. Just a suggestion if you are serious about wanting to get in touch easily.

                2. I'm personally a fan of Surf Taco for fish. Everything else on their menu sucks but their fish tacos are pretty good.

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                  1. re: joonjoon

                    I've also had the fish taco at Surf Taco. They are generous with the fish and for a chain pretty darn fresh in a pinch.