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Jan 15, 2013 06:37 AM

Ideal party size for Zahav

I'm prepping to make a reservation at Zahav as we've never been and are super excited to try to mesibah/lamb shoulder deliciousness. Several friends have expressed interest but I don't have an understanding of how big the restaurant space is. What would you feel is the ideal party size for Zahav to maximize the lamb shoulder and overall experience.


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  1. I would say a minimum of four. You could do it with two but it will be a lot of food. And there was person who has posted here that ate it all himself.. but he is the exception rather than the rule.

    1. Zahav is large and can accommodate groups of any size. I am sure they can tailor the meal to any size group by adding extra small plates or even adding another piece of lamb for a really large group.

      1. OP here. I think I'm just concerned that we're going to have a group too large for the space. At this point we're looking at 8 people.

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          8 is fine, I've seen them set up for groups twice that size in the main dining room.

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            I am sure eight is fine and if necessary they can prepare more than one lamb shoulder for your table.They also have a space in the restaurant for private parties so I would not really worry about the party size all that much. You could always email the restaurant and ask (the manager's name is Eilon and he's very helpful) them directly if you are concerned.

            1. re: bluehensfan

              You will have no problem with a party that size. They do have a room off on the side that might be more conducive to a party of eight and a bit quieter. And I second the recommendation to touch base with Eilon. He is a joy to work with. And please post your about your meal here. Its always great to hear other peoples' perspectives.

              1. re: cwdonald

                Eilon is awesome but he is now at Citron and Rose.

                I have done the lamb with 8 people. There was plenty of lamb (two platters and lots of leftovers) but a couple of the mezze were too small or awkward to share effectively with that many people. Personally I would max out at 6 but I feel that way about most small plates restaurants.

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                  "Eilon is awesome but he is now at Citron and Rose. "


                  Makes complete sense though.

                  1. re: Boognish

                    Citron and Rose has pretty awesome service. Eilon is probably a big part of that.

              2. re: musugu

                I doubt you'd have problems with a 20-person group dining in the main dining area. It all depends on how many people you like best at a dinner party.

                My seven friends and I got the mesibah a few months ago on a Saturday night and we didn't feel cramped at all in the main dining room. If you wish to hear your table, however, I would suggest the smaller dining area. Service was friendly, but felt rushed and less than competent, with at least four forgotten drinks, three preemptive plate clearings, and multiple prompts for takeout containers. Perhaps the problem was that the servers did not communicate with each other as this has tended to be my experience here.

                I believe that they will offer a proportionate amount of food to the number of people in your party as you will each be required to pay the mesibah price. Our table of eight was served two lamb shoulders after two plates of each offering (for each half of the table). The salatim were awkward to eat with that many people, but they were nothing special. We also asked and received more laffa (I can't remember if I have been charged for extra laffa outside of the mesibah). There were enough leftovers for six people to take home, but this was at the expense of gorging ourselves at the restaurant.