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Jan 15, 2013 06:08 AM

Pink Boxes for Pastry on TV? What's Up with That?

Has anyone ever noticed this? Either on TV or in the movies, whenever a character buys a cake, donuts or other pastry from a bakery, it is nearly ALWAYS in a pink box? I have noticed this for years. The weird thing is, whenever I have bought pastry, in no matter what city, the box has never been pink (which was a disappointment when I was a kid!). Would love to know why always the pink box. Any ideas?

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  1. It looks better on TV than a plain white box?

        1. I always thought it was because the glossy white finish of the white pastry boxes might cause some kind of reflection with the lights and camera.

          1. Pink boxes were traditional in some communities before using recycled materials became more popular?