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Jan 15, 2013 04:50 AM

Help: 'gourmet' ice cream van's (London)

A friend of mine is getting married in a few months and was thinking about getting an ice cream van to the reception. I recall a few years ago reading about a 'gourmet' ice cream van in London, serving all kinds of wonderful sounding desserts rather than the usual 99/Mr Whippy type thing but can't for the life of me recall the name
Does anyone know of any they can recommend?

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  1. There was one at Brockley Market in the summer. Their website says it's available to hire

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    1. re: spli

      +1 that's the one that twas on the tip of me tongue!

      thanks for reminding me of the name Spli!

      1. re: cavemanu

        Thanks both - think this may have been the one I was thinking of.

    2. I've only had their excellent brownies, but if your friend fancies a more chocolate twist to their ice cream van (including chocolate ice-cream), ChocStar might be worth a try.

      1. hi there, yes, I remember a home-county UK based one also but cannot recall the specific name for the life of me, if I do I will post again.

        However in the meanwhile...

        The Shepherd's Sheep Milk Ice-cream purveyor is available for outdoor events in the United Kingdom. They also do other ices such as sorbets and branching out into other dessserts....

        Chateau Cavemanu have sampled their delights at a number of events including Glastonbury and Mostly Jazz Moseley Jazz festival in Birmingham

        I have to say the Ice cream was incredibly delish! (and very nutrish!) and that was as a consumer - I have no link to the organisation

        Also here is a link to the Ice-cream alliance which might help in sourcing a particular UK regional/London based supplier if name of the one you are after remains elusive

        1. Probably Petra's Chocstar, as Deansa says. Not sure if Petra is still doing that, but she's a huge force in the London street food scene, really instrumental. Even if she's not running the van herself anymore, she'll likely know someone else who is doing something similar.

          1. We had Sorbitium ices at our wedding last year. They do great seasonal flavours to order and are lovely folks too. We had super premium Chocolate, salted caramel, and a damson and cobnut cream - all superb. Check them out.

            ps - dont think petra does chocstar any more since she's stated doing Eat Street and now Kerb.....