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Jan 15, 2013 01:11 AM


Search did not show me much except that, as I expected, most takoyaki that anyone has been served here was frozen.

I only had it once, somewhere in Kearny Mesa, and it was definitely frozen.

The last mention was a few months ago, has anyone had any luck with takoyaki? Or should I try to make some in my cake pop maker?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Raki Raki makes them fresh.

    Located in the same "plaza" as Tofu House.

    Takoyaki paahty.

    Wait, you OWN a cake pop maker? And I thought I had skeletons in *my* closet...

    But seriously, as long as the pan is as thick as a cast-iron pan it'll work. Aebleskiver pan.

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    1. re: SaltyRaisins

      Thank you! I'm so there :)

      I got the maker to do some girlish events (wedding showers, birthdays) as I couldn't bring myself to bake a cake and mash it with frosting.

      I'm not sure it'll get hot enough for takoyaki but it's worth a shot, I'll keep my eyeballs peeled at the Salvation Army for an aebleskiver pan.

      1. re: youareabunny

        Or you could buy the real deal at Mitsuwa marketplace.


    2. Electric Takoyaki pans are very common in Japan. Likely you could find them at Mitsuwa.

        1. re: JonDough

          I am no takoyaki expert, but Yu Me Ya's are very light, with a good proportion of diced octopus. Definitely not frozen.

          1. re: daantaat

            I've had the ones in Hillcrest and thought they were frozen. Haven't tried the ones in Encinitas.

            1. re: karaethon

              Encinitas didn't appear to be frozen.

        2. I won't claim to be an expert either, but Izakaya Masa and Yokohama Yakitori Kobou both have them.

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          1. re: Rodzilla

            Guess ill just hafto try all of them :). Thanks for the suggestions.

            1. re: Rodzilla

              Sadly, Masa's are frozen. They're kinda labor intensive if easy to make, so most izakaya places tend to"outsource."

              Good luck!

              1. re: SaltyRaisins

                any tricks for being able to tell the difference?

                1. re: Rodzilla

                  Not unlike the difference between a fresh made waffle and an Eggo. Textural, mainly, but also factory-uniform in shape and ingredient distribution. The real deal are often funny-looking.

                  That help?

                    1. re: Rodzilla

                      or just that the octopus in the middle tastes frozen