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Jan 14, 2013 11:11 PM

How to see recent posts from saved boards, not from all boards?

It used to be that after I logged in, I was taken to a page that showed recent activity on boards I'd saved. Now instead I get a page of recent posts from all boards everywhere. Apparently I have to right-click on "My Categories" for the pull-down list and open each board individually to view recent posts there. This is very inconvenient and I assumed it was an unintended consequence of the new design.

Has anyone else been having this problem?

I waited a few days but it hasn't been fixed or even commented on as far as I can tell. Does this mean it isn't happening to others?

I'm running Firefox browser on Windows XP, a bit dated these days but certainly not an unusual or exotic configuration by any standard...

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  1. Are you actually 'logging in' before this happens? I've been finding that I'm taken to the page you describe sometimes when I use a bookmark to get to the site. I then have to click on and actually LOG IN to get to my recent posts page. Sometimes, though, I AM taken directly to my recent posts. Not sure why, if cookies are not deleted, but it happens often.

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    1. re: Midlife

      Yes, this is after I've logged in and I have active cookies in place. And just to be clear the page I used to get (and apparently still can't, as of right now) isn't the list of my own recent posts, but rather the one of all recent posts to my chosen boards.

      I have to assume that not everybody is having this problem or surely there would've been an uproar with plenty of other folks complaining about it. Still can't figure out why it's happening to me.

      I thought at first it may have had something to do with allowing Javascript from the dozen or so third-party sites (,,,,,,, etc) that want to set cookies and to run scripts on my PC when I visit Chowhound, but even when I allow them all I can't figure out how to get the page I used to be taken to automatically right after logging in.

      It is both perplexing and annoying. I'm not certain and haven't received any answers. I visit the site less and less often.

      1. re: eclecticsynergy

        Hi eclecticsynergy,

        You're looking for: "a page that showed recent activity on boards I'd saved."

        Unfortunately, that feature has never existed on Chowhound, though the idea of it has been discussed before on Site Talk. I do agree that it could be a good idea, though I don't have any estimate of when/if we'd incorporate something like this.

        On the current site, you can view the following lists of discussions:

        1) Regular Category (Board) Pages, such as

        2) Your Own Profile, which lists the discussions that you have participated in:

        3) Posts by People You Are Following, which lists any discussions that people you follow have participated in. This page is only viewable to you:

        4) The Chowhound Homepage, which lists every discussion on Chowhound:

        The Unread Posts feature, which Melanie mentions, used to let you see a list of only unread posts from any board....but you could only do it one board at a time. So, what you are describing here wasn't that, either...

        I hope this helps!
        Dave MP

        1. re: Dave MP

          Hi Dave, and thanks for your reply with its accompanying info. Please believe me, I don't mean to be obstinate and I hate even more to sound contrary, yet I remain confused.

          I'm quite sure the chowhound homepage which I used to get after signing in was NOT the same as the one I'd had immediately before signing in. And the difference was reflected in the list of active threads, not just in the header area as it is presently.

          Perhaps I was wrong in assuming it omitted categories other than the ones I'd selected, but if that wasn't how it worked I can't figure out what the difference was. I do know that it did not show recently active threads from all the local nationwide and worldwide categories that turn up now.

          What I got was a box near the top that showed my selected boards; that box was later replaced in an intermediate stage with the pull-down list that remains in the newest version. In that intermediate stage I still believe the page displayed active threads from my saved boards/categories, with a button that allowed the option of viewing active threads from all categories. That button remains, but now leads only to a list of categories, not to active discussions.

          It's good to know that I can get to a list of threads I've posted on, even though it takes a number of clicks to get there.

          And if the feature I described (ie: recent activity on all of one's selected categories displayed on a single page without having to click through to each category individually) really has never existed, I respectfully suggest that it would be a very convenient feature to have available.

          I strongly recommend it for when you folks are designing the next upgrade.

          And again, thanks for taking the time to answer my query, Dave, as well as for all the work you and your colleagues put into running a huge and excellent site.