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Jan 14, 2013 09:46 PM

Lékué Steamer Case and other cookware.

This silicone "Steamer" is recommended as the Staff Favorite on the Sur La Table. The first thing comes to my mind after reading this is: Whatl? Then it was "Can't I do this with two large plates?"

Watched the video and enjoy

Lékué also offers other cookware. There is this Cook and Preserve Bag for $20.

The woman in the video used five of them in the refrigerator, which would cost $100.

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  1. Ha! I got the SLT email today showcasing this line. It just didn't appeal to me. As you already said, I can do the same thing without extra items/gadgets clogging my small kitchen (but I can see how it might make cooking certain dishes easier for some).

    1. I make a similar steamed dish, only a whole fish, in the microwave in a shallow glass bowl topped with a large dinner plate. I'm also not much of a heated silicone person.

      The bag is even more ridiculous. Hermetically sealed? Really? Isn't "properly cooked and stored" good enough for most of us.

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        <I'm also not much of a heated silicone person>

        Me neither, but I think it is the fact that I don't really need a special tool like this to make steam fish. Forget about the silicone thing. It is just so "restricted". I cannot understand why it is listed as "Staff Favorite". Do the real Sur La Table staffs voted for this? Or do they just say it is to promote its sale?

        Yes, as for Hermetically seal... I am sure these bags do not seal any better than Ziplock bag anyway.

      2. These silicon steaming containers are exceedingly popular in Japan. They come in all shapes and sizes and colours for all different types of food. The are sold at all stores and I keep disappointing my fiancée by refusing to own one. Many different brands too, not just that one.