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Jan 14, 2013 08:50 PM

What to get at Chicago cut

After reading the board carefully, I've decided to go for Chicago Cut for steak. I've never had a bone-in filet mignon, so am curious. I usually get a rib steak or a porterhouse - medium to medium rare. What do you recommend for this steakhouse? I am going with 3 other people and we are happy to share. Don't want to fill up on apps, but if there is a special app or side - please mention it as well.

I was also going to do breakfast at either Chicago cut or david burke's (on a different day!). Any thoughts there? I love a good corned beef or roast beef hash. Thanks.

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  1. I've enjoyed the bone-in ribeye and the bone-in strip, both among best in class in Chicago. For me the main negative is the closely packed tables.

    1. I went to Chicago Cut one time to celebrate with a friend who finished the Chicago Marathon. He had the filet (not bone in) and I had the ribeye. Just based on that one visit I'd strongly recommend against the filet as it's the only steak on the menu that's not dry-aged.

      The dry-aged ribeye cooked medium rare is a good choice. However, I'm not a huge fan of the place. The atmosphere feels a bit corporate and sterilized despite having a great view of the river. If I'm in the mood to drop a ton of money on a steak (which is pretty much never) I prefer a more old-school, intimate atmosphere to go with it, someplace like Gene and Georgetti's.

      1. thanks for the advice - will report back next week.

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          I have to disagree wiht RealMenJulienne on G&G and I would never drop coin on the average steaks there with so many other better options. It is great for old-school vibe and the cottage fries but in the bottom half of steakhouses downtown, you get a better rib-eye at Flemings.

          I'll agree that Cut feels corporate, it is on the lobby level of a new 50 story office tower, so . . . . The steaks there are great.

          That said, I've had two recent great meals at Hugo's that included steak and fish (did a lot of sharing) and the NY Strip and the Ribeye at Hugo's / Gibson is always top notch.

        2. Ok - reporting back. I thought the best cut was the bone-in filet mignon. I'm not a big mignon fan because it lacks the depth of flavor - but this cut had it. If you like filet mignon, you must get this. My son loved the cajun marinated rib steak, which was good but I just can't condone marinating steak that was aged for 35 days. The regular rib steak was quite good but not quite excellent. The creamed spinach was some of the best I've had. The service was superb. The view is incredible, and since some of my guests were new to Chicago, it was a nice add-on.
          BTW, had breakfast at David Burk's - it was all tasteless, from the hot chocolate to the corned beef hash to the eggs and brisket. Really disappointing.

          1. The small round side of a porterhouse IS a bone in filet. The other side is a New York strip.