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Jan 14, 2013 08:02 PM

The Layover Atlanta

I left Atlanta in 1993, after a decade at Georgia Tech. This visit brought back some memories and gave me some great ideas for when I go back to visit.He really went throughout the the metro Atlanta area. Hitting some of the classics while also looking at some new places.

I am happy to say that I ate at Fat Matt's Barbecue in it's forst month of existence. He went up and down Buford Highway, the ethnic food capitol of Atlanta, and he hit one of my favorites: El Taco Veloz. Loved that place.

He even hit the Clermont Lounge. Oh if I can only remember what I did when I was at the Clermont.

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  1. how he got alton brown to go in that joint, i'll never know. i'm not convinced mr. brown was all that comfortable.
    as rick said in 'casablanca,' "maybe it was the bourbon."

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    1. re: linus

      I'm half-convinced it was Bourdain's revenge for Alton bringing him to a farm-to-table restaurant. But remembering the Twitter exchange it seemed fairly consensual.

      Actually at the time, with no photographic evidence, I had decided they were playing a trick on us. Guess not!

    2. I'm a broken record on this subject, but seeing where Tony's been for BBQ elsewhere, I'm embarrassed that he went to Fat Matt's. Their ribs are gross and their sandwich is basically a pork Sloppy Joe. Yuck compared to all the great places that have started up in the past decade or so.

      1. Going to have to agree with Ted on this one. Fat Matt's is horrible BBQ, I would have preferred that he had gone to Heirloom, Fox Bro's, or Community Q. Those are the current 3 standards of BBQ in Atlanta while Fat Matt's is not even BBQ but rather parboiled ribs slathered in sauce.....

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        1. re: samlev

          I finally was stationary enough to cue it up on the DVR tonight. Thought they did a really good job of hitting some cool spots in Atlanta. With the aforementioned exception.

          Tony- the next time you are drunk and in need, I'm not that far from Fat Matt's and my ribs are infinitely tastier. With a little notice, I'm happy to cook. Stop by. The bourbon selection's pretty good, too.

          My only quibble was that, though I really enjoy Holeman & Finch, I don't know that I've ever seen Linton Hopkins in the kitchen. And I think they must've supersized the 10PM burgers for their special guests.