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Jan 14, 2013 05:42 PM

Restaurant Recommendation in Queens/Great Neck/Five Towns

My family is going out for a birthday celebration. Does anyone have any suggestions for a nice meat restaurant that also serves chicken (other than Chinese food or Persian) in Queens/Great Neck/Five Towns?

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  1. there are a couple of steakhouses, hapisgah on union near main street, and chateau on union turnpike as well, but further east, i think maybe around 180th or 181st

    i dont know chateau but have never had a problem at hapisgah- just be very specific when youre ordering about done-ness

    can i ask why the aversion to persian

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      My wife and I recently had a really nice dinner at Off the Grill in Cedarhurst. Excellent steak and chicken wings, good side dishes and service. I never had a chicken main but I have been eating the wings with different sauces for years and they are excellent.

    2. Prime Bistro on central ave.