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Jan 14, 2013 05:38 PM

Wilson Farm CSA or other CSA in Lexington/Waltham area

I am interested in participating in my first CSA this summer but I don't know which one to choose. I live in Waltham and frequently go to Wilson Farm in Lexington so I was looking into them. But I can't find any reviews anywhere on their CSA program. I find a lot of reviews on this board and others for other CSA. I also have been looking into since they deliver to your door & you can change your frequency as needed which I think is a nice touch.

Looking to see if anyone has any experience with the Wilson Farm CSA or other CSA in the area.....

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  1. I did Brookfield Farm last year, picking up in Arlington. My first year ever doing it, but I liked it and I'm signed up for this year again. They also have a Lexington pickup.

    1. We've been extremely happy with First Root Farm CSA. This is their 4th year.
      Pickup is either @ the farm in the Minute Man National Historical Park in Concord, or Davis Square.

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        I haven't participated in any other CSAs to compare them to, but we were very happy with First Root Farm last year and will be using them again.

      2. I had a great experience with Wilson Farm last year. I'm not renewing this year only because I received too MUCH food from them, and it felt wasteful for a busy couple that only cooks 4 or so nights per week to have a half share.

        But the service and quality was exceptional.

        1. We did Siena Farms this year, and I absolutely can't imagine better produce.

          1. I've been a member of the Waltham Fields Community Farm for seven or eight years now - I believe the demand is high enough that there is a waiting list. You can also go to their Spring Fling fundraiser and bid at the silent auction for a share.

            I tried Boston Organics for a few weeks and let's just say that I was spoiled by Waltham.