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Wilson Farm CSA or other CSA in Lexington/Waltham area

I am interested in participating in my first CSA this summer but I don't know which one to choose. I live in Waltham and frequently go to Wilson Farm in Lexington so I was looking into them. But I can't find any reviews anywhere on their CSA program. I find a lot of reviews on this board and others for other CSA. I also have been looking into BostonOrganics.com since they deliver to your door & you can change your frequency as needed which I think is a nice touch.

Looking to see if anyone has any experience with the Wilson Farm CSA or other CSA in the area.....

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  1. I did Brookfield Farm last year, picking up in Arlington. My first year ever doing it, but I liked it and I'm signed up for this year again. They also have a Lexington pickup.


    1. We've been extremely happy with First Root Farm CSA. This is their 4th year.
      Pickup is either @ the farm in the Minute Man National Historical Park in Concord, or Davis Square.

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        I haven't participated in any other CSAs to compare them to, but we were very happy with First Root Farm last year and will be using them again.

      2. I had a great experience with Wilson Farm last year. I'm not renewing this year only because I received too MUCH food from them, and it felt wasteful for a busy couple that only cooks 4 or so nights per week to have a half share.

        But the service and quality was exceptional.

        1. We did Siena Farms this year, and I absolutely can't imagine better produce.


          1. I've been a member of the Waltham Fields Community Farm for seven or eight years now - I believe the demand is high enough that there is a waiting list. You can also go to their Spring Fling fundraiser and bid at the silent auction for a share.

            I tried Boston Organics for a few weeks and let's just say that I was spoiled by Waltham.

            1. We had a CSA small share, for 2 people, from Wilson Farm last Summer and were thrilled with the entire experience. The variety of vegetables and fruit was exceptional with exciting new varieties of old favorites and inclusion of a few vegetables we had never eaten. The amount of heirloom tomatoes alone was astounding, and every now and then a treat like their own huge sweet strawberries, biscuits, and fresh whipped cream would appear in the basket.

              We've shopped at Wilson for years so never thought it was necessary to buy into the CSA project but I'm very glad we did. I can't say enough positive things about it. We recently signed up for this coming Summer season. I wish they'd offer a Winter share as well.

              1. Several years ago I participated in the CSA through The Food Project in Lincoln. You had to pick up at their farm in Lincoln, but depending on where in Waltham you live, that may not be too bad (for me it was a pain). I thought the selection and quality were great, and I liked supporting their organization.

                1. I Loved (!) Waltham Fields Community Farms CSA the years I joined it. The people are wonderful and the farm benefits the community. I left because it was too much food as my daughters grew up and out of the house.

                  1. Waltham Fields Community Farm rocks! This will be my third season. They follow organic practices, their shares are very generous and you get to choose what is in your share each week. There is a waiting list but do not despair. Hurry to their website and sign up. Current shareholders have until the end of this month to make their first payment on 2013. No doubt there will be some openings at the end of the month. You never know! Even if you do not make it this year, chances are you would be offered a share next time around.

                    By the way, WFCF lets you split a share with someone else. So if their shares are too big, there is still a way to participate sensibly. It has worked out wonderfully well for my share partner and me.

                    1. We've been doing Busa Farm in Lexington for years. The farm is located next to the Arlington Reservoir, and you can pick your own veggies once the season starts. http://busafarm.com/BusaFarmCSA/

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                        A friend of mine used to do Busa Farm's CSA. She told me the way the CSA works is they give you a certain amount of "Busa Bucks" to spend at their farm stand. That was some years ago. Does it still work that way?

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                          Yes, it does. Also, if you pick your own, it's half the price of what it would be at the farm stand. For example, if tomatoes are selling for $2.00 a pound at the stand, you can go outside and pick them yourself and get charged $1.00 a pound in Busa Bucks.

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                          Not to denigrate a hard working farm, but I found that the Bucks system was not for me when I was a member a couple years ago. I generally prefer the traditional CSA model. I also felt there was very strong pressure on its members to purchase extra items not covered by Busa Bucks (which I certainly get to an extent but just didn't like their approach). And boy, the cashier I always saw was consistently pretty grumpy. But I liked supporting a local farm and the produce was generally good. YMMV.

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                            They've changed the model so that everything in the store is covered by Busa Bucks.