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Jan 14, 2013 05:05 PM

Academy Awards Themed Dinner 2013

Here we go again...
So far I'm thinking:
Silver Linings Playbook - Crabby Snacks and Homemades (anyone know what Homemades are?)
Beast of the Southern Wild - Jambalaya

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  1. I wondered what "homemades" were,too. This is from an interview with David O. Russell.

    Tell me more about the language that creates the world.

    I love language, so when I was looking into bookmaking and heard a word like “parlay,” which made me lean forward, I found it enchanting. That enchantment is critical to me. Language can make you lean forward to say, “Why is Robert De Niro so invested in this “parlay” stuff, and I don't even know what it is.” Like the language of the mother, with the “homemades.” That was stuff we got on the street where we were shooting. It's a word I heard a neighbor say, so I asked what it was. They said, “Homemades! It's when you do the intensive labor for a day to make the braciole, the lasagna, and parmesan and stuff. You make a bunch of it and everybody's like, Great there's homemades at the Cappaleti’s!” That became part of Jacki Weaver’s language, making homemades, which was as specific as DeNiro saying the “ju ju,” or his handkerchief or the parlay.

    1. Life of PIE....any kind but seafood would be best. Actually, star-gazy pie would be the most fitting. I've never had it. I know it's a classic but the sight of fish poking through a pie crust....dealbreaker for me. If you want true to the screenplay, sushi.

      Les Miserables - French bread.

      1. Les Miserables - either French food of any sort OR - sausages. :-) "filling up the sausages with this and that"

        Life of Pi - pie!

        Argo - anything middle eastern - maybe just hummus and pita, though

        all I got so far!

        1. Something with cornstarch..... Argo. It was so good to see Ben Affleck pick up a couple of Golden Globes last night! So there, Oscars.

          1. Les Miserables - poorly plucked chicken (in honour of Anne Hathaway's look)

            Zero Dark Thirty - needlessly tortured veal with foie gras

            Life of Pi - boring salad with computer simulated image of dressing

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            1. re: weedy

              I was going to go with no food at all in honor of Anne Hathaway!

              1. re: alliegator

                bad bad bad ha bad ha ha bad hahahahahahaha!

                1. re: wyogal

                  Hehe, kinda bad. But she is gaining it back, so it's fair game!! Plus, the empty plate for that movie saves a few bucks :P