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Flat bottom roasting pan

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Hello everyone,

Why this seems to be a problem and why retailers don't list whether or not their roasting pan bottom are flat is beyond me...but.

I need an inexpensive stainless steel roaster, 14-16" to use on my gas grill. I bought the Cuisinart 14" roaster, and it is great, except it has a "ditch" going around the outside about 1" wide, hence the middle is raised. It was $39 and i can always use it, but I want one with a TOTALLY FLAT BOTTOM for under $50, and all stainless. The tri-ply are a $100 and up. I need heavy stainless. I need this for a bang around, outside gas grill roaster.
Any suggestions?

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  1. I've never seen this one but it seems to check all the boxes. Don't forget to Google discount or coupon codes for OS if you order from them.


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      Or try this:


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        Ohhhh Good find! Made in the USA as well.