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Jan 14, 2013 04:13 PM

Non-Chain Drive-Thrus?

Hello Fine Hounds,
Besides Kelly's, can you think of any local restaurants that offer drive-through service? Beyond the obvious, like McDonald's and the like.

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  1. Vittorio's Italian Kitchen in Revere on Squire Rd between BJs and the Northgate shopping strip. I've never had their food, but noticed their drive thru service.

    1. Nick's in Winthrop (never tried it).

      Doughboy Donuts in Southie makes a good, greasy breakfast sandwich.

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      1. re: HungryMack

        Their (Doughboy) donuts can be fantastic, too.

      2. Man, I wish we had Duchess like they do in Connecticut!

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            It's unbelievably delicious fast food, better than any major chain.

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              The towns on their list that I'm familiar with are in the southwestern part of Ct. Any of them in eastern ct?

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                Thanks, Prav. I will definitely check them out on my next trip to New Jersey.

          2. Bill and Bob's has a drive through in Salem. It's a chain, I guess, but a small one.

            1. Bagel World in Salem has great drive thru service. Their bagel sandwiches are fantastic! Bill and Bobs Roast Beef in Salem also has a drive up window, pretty standard roast beef sandwiches and open late.