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Brunch + all you can drink ALCOHOL.

hi everyone.... i recently moved back home to toronto after spending some time in NYC. I'm already missing the food, different restaurants and cuisine. I was wondering if there were any restaurants here that serve amazing BRUNCH with all you can drink alcohol. Please let me know. Thanks.

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  1. Ontario mandates minimum drink prices, so "all-you-can-drink" specials would probably be illegal here. I've never heard of a local place that offers this.

    1. Nope. You'll have to return to NYC for restaurants offering brunch and all-you-can-drink Mimosas. :-)

      1. Law in Ontario stipulates a minimum price for each alcoholic beverage not less that $X (I don;t remember what X is, but googling for the Alcohol and Gaming Commission should tell you).

        Sooooo...long answer for no all you can drink brunches in establishments open to the public in Ontario

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          Of course, the OP could stock up on booze (at home), and get an AMAZING brunch to-go. Stockyards will do take-out brunch. ;-)

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            For a moment, I thought you were going to suggest he/she smuggle in a flask :)

            I like the Stockyards take out suggestion better

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              Ha ha. That's so old school. If only TO had a brunch offering bottomless fresh-squeezed OJ in TO. I've only seen bottomless OJ in NYC, too. Fresh-squeezed OJ is reasonably priced at White Brick Kitchen. I think it costs around $4/glass.

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                Haha, oh how I miss me flask days.

                As an aside, are Ontario patrons allowed to bring in bottled liquor to an establishment and have the bar staff mix the drinks from the brought bottle? That could be an option for OP.

                We used to do that all the time in Chicago in my college days.

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                  No. wine only and only if the restaurant has a BYO license

          2. I've been to the Ritz Carlton Sunday brunch, and mimosas and bellinis were included in the price. Don't know if the drinks were AYCD since I only ordered one mimosa, but I saw other tables getting a couple rounds.

            The food was good as well, especially the hot food. I usually stay away from the hot food at buffets and just go to town at the antipasto/seafood bar, but the Ritz did a good job with both.

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              According to the Ritz-Carlton website, the $79 pp price includes an all-inclusive Mimosa and Bellini bar.


            2. thanks everyone... i guess im SOL here in toronto. This makes sense... i always thought drinks here were so expensive... didnt know there was a law behind drink prices here! =(

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                I believe this is why there are almost no happy hour specials in our fair province. Not only do drink prices have a minimum, but you cannot adjust prices according to the time of day. I may be wrong about this one.. will wait patiently for clarification.

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                  You can only change prices once a day, so a few places offer cheaper beer during the day and higher prices at night, off the top of my head right now the Horseshoe and Emmett Ray have cheaper beer before 7 and 9 respectively. I'm sure there are others I just can't remember right now.

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                      That law was changed when they allowed bottle service in clubs. You can change the price of drinks anytime and as many times as you want during the day.. But you cannot do it for specific groups (no cheap drinks for ladies only etc), you cannot call it happy hour, you cannot "encourage" binge drinking etc...

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                        I just saw an ad for Friday Happy Hour hanging outside a bar on Dundas in the Junction (Axis, maybe?) Then again, it might refer to the food offered at the time.