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Jan 14, 2013 03:28 PM

Veal stock bones in Seattle?

I love making stocks but have yet to make a veal stock. Of course I'm eager to do so, but wonder where one buys veal bones in Seattle. Any tips? Thanks!

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  1. Bob the Butcher in Columbia City has been my go-to source for bones for stock.

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      All my years in Seattle and I still haven't made it in there. Crazy. I'll definitely go there now, though. Thanks for reminding me of that place!

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        +2 for Bob the Butcher. Have a couple of pounds of their oxtail bones in the freezer, they'll be in a roasting pan this weekend for stock.

      2. B B Ranch in Pike Place Market (ground floor of Economy Market) is a "tip to tail" butcher who always has lots of bones of all types.

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          Yes, I forgot about him too! That's the fellow with Upton Sinclair's 'The Jungle' on display on his counter, right? Just a small walk-up kind of establishment. I like that guy. He's friendly and appears to be very enthusiastic about his product and his work. I did buy a few marrow-bones from him once.

        2. I've always gotten all of my stock bones (be it beef, veal, or chicken) from Don & Joe's Meats in the market.

          I've found B&B to be too expensive (not to mention it's the same group that brought us Bill the Butcher, which has something of a questionable reputation in the city). Bob's Quality Meats used to be my go-to spot till the kid took over - everything's gone downhill since then. Golden Steer in Bellevue if you live on the Eastside has them, as well.

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            I've been buying my oxtail, beef bones, chicken carcasses, pork bones, feet, etc. at Lam's Seafood Market, but they don't have veal bones as far as I know. I'm mildly curious about the B&B / Bill the Butcher "drama" but all I found in my (albeit) 5 minutes of research was some wanna-be investigative journalism from the Stranger, and that's the last source that I'm going to allow to inform my opinions. I am really eager to try making a veal stock and see how it differs as a base from a chicken or beef stock and I've gotten some really good suggestions, so thanks.