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Jan 14, 2013 03:19 PM

Rehearsal Dinner for 30: Manhattan, Thursday Night, ~$175pp inc Tax&tip

Folks - Chowhound has always helped me with basically any and all of my food/restaurant dilemas. I have scoured the boards but am yet to find a good option for my rehearsal dinner. I am looking to spend as close to $5k as possible but i am finding staying around budget difficult. I'm sure its possible but i must be looking in all the wrong places. Any Suggestions?

Thursday night in May
Location - Ideally Downtown Manhattan but open to other Manhattan areas
Style - nothing too stuffy
Private Room
Good Food!

Including Tip and Tax and Booze (beer and good wine is fine) ~$175 a person

I tried:
Craft - ~4800 not including alcohol
BlueHill - requires a buy out $$$$$
Fedora: Told me they couldnt do it for <$7500 - would need a buyout of a Lil Wisco restaurant
NoMad ~$8k
Gramercy Park Hotel ~10k
Kittichai - too small
Bobo - Spotted Pig - too small
My list goes on

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  1. Have you tried Lupa? The food and beverage minimum is $3K and the reception room can accommodate up to 30 guests.

    1. Lupa is a good recommendation.

      For your price range, you could also try Public ( or take a step down from Craft to Craftbar (

      1. While not downtown, Felidia might work. They do private events on the 2nd floor and can hold up to 45.

        My friend did a graduation luncheon there. Prix fixe menu (she could choose from 3 different options for her guests to choose as well). I can't seem to find the menu options as I helped her decide, but I think food was $50ish? Prices are probably higher at dinner, but still worth a shot...

        1. Try Heidi Swiss restaurant. They don't have a private room but their large space next to it can definitely accommodate your number of people and your budget. Good food, beer and wine.

          1. Thanks Everyone! I would really like August ( ) but even though i spoke with the manager in person i cannot get him to return my calls. Very frustrating. I am still working out the kinks but these are good suggestions. Appreciate it. If you have any more - keep 'em coming!

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              Assellina restaurant in the Gansevoort Hotel on Park Ave @ 28th has a space they call La Taverna, steps below the main dining room, call it a "semi-private" space. I was there recently for a seated dinner for about 40 people. I don't know the pricing, but the meal was served family-style, which may be less expensive than a plated meal. Great food, and we found passing around the platters quite convivial.