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Jan 14, 2013 02:38 PM

lunch around the Brooklyn Museum

what new or really good places for lunch within walking distance of the Brooklyn Museum would be recommended (with whys, please)?

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  1. Walk to 5th Avenue and Carroll Street after seeing art and eat at AL Di La.

    1. How far are you willing to walk? I'm not sure if you would consider Al Di La to be "within walking distance."

      Also, you might want to do a search, since this question has been asked on chowhound many times before.

      1. Al Di La is one of my favorite destination restaurants that deserves a trip from upper Manhattan. But this time I'd like to try a new place. Cafe Corvo, a off-shoot of ADL & closer to the museum, has been suggested any other recs?

        1. Chavella's is good Mexican, Cheryl's Global Soul is excellent and a bunch of new places have opened up new places have opened up in the past few years as well. Good luck!

          1. The original comment has been removed