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Jacksonville trip end of JAN

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Spending a week at NAS Jax. Got wheels and need your advise of where to eat.
What are your top six places for dinner.... Driving not an issue.
What would be five places for lunch....close to NAS Jax.

Finally if you were to only get out once.... Where would that be?


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  1. whoa, is the area around Jacksonville an eating no-mans land?

    1. Anyone have any opinions on
      Sonny's at 1976 Kingsley Avenue, Orange Park, FL 32073
      Or Smoky bones
      OrThe pig bbq?

      1. Sliders Grille in Neptune Beach is usually good. I go there for oysters and such.....and decent draft beer. There is a decent place not far from the NAS that is a seafood market with a patio restaurant attached. Down by the shrimp boats. Palm Valley Fish Camp near Ponte Vedra Beach is a great place for lunch.

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          Will see about working that in.

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            A buddy mentioned blacksheep, what about that place or other like it?

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              If you can drive to Amelia Island, the Ritz Carlton has an excellent restaurant, "Salt".