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Jan 14, 2013 02:15 PM

Has anyone tried "Grub Shack" in San Jose

It's a new Hawaiian place on Santa Clara Street. I'd like to search for previous reviews here, but the site is all changed around since I last visited and I can't find a search function.

Anyway, I've been hearing good things about Grub Shack and will visit this week. I was interested in anyone's reviews of particular dishes. I have a menu here; a couple of interesting dishes are:

Thai basil chicken wings
Kalua pork rice plate & garlic shrimp topped with a fried egg
Kalua pork sliders
Cukui (?) tacos

Grub Shack
93 E. Santa Clara Street
San Jose

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  1. I searched for you and didn't find any previous mentions, so please let us know how you like it. The search box is the upper right corner, under your name if you're logged in.

    Like you, I found the notion of Cukui tacos curious, as cukui are candlenuts (which are slightly toxic if not cooked thoroughly). But it appears that it is also a clothing line.

    1. Kukui is the proper Hawaiian spelling for the so-called candlenut. As for culinary purposes it is used in the islands as a condiment, I cannot imagine tacos featuring them as the main ingredient.

      My interest is piqued; my chances of being hungry in San Jose are non-existent. Please do report back.