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Casual French

What's the best casual French option for Lunch? Du Coin? Lepic?

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  1. what day of the week and how "authentic" and what type of French? I'm guessing you want to eat in NW.

    I've heard good things about du Coin and Petit Plats (never been) and while I really like Bistro Francais in G'town it is sort of Grand-Mere frumpy (with a retro menu to match - nothing haute here). I always wanted to try au Pied du Cochon, but ehh too late.

    I love Central's French take on American fare or Bistro D'oC's rustic 'cuisine âme' but if you're willing to cross town to the hill I have never been disappointed at Montmartre.

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      I ate recently at Montmartre and I was blown away by the quality there. An unfussy and casual atmosphere and absolutely topnotch food. We enjoyed the escargots, pate, steak/gratin dish, and a fish dish served on Jerusalem artichokes and other veggies. Perfect, amazing sauces with great finesse. Also large portions.

      I've never been a big fan of Bistro du Coin, and a visit a few months ago solidified my attitude: I ate an utterly mediocre Nicoise salad at an abominable price. Seriously disappointing.

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        I stopped going to Bistro Francais a few years ago. It's just SO run down (wobbly tables, holes in the napkins, cigerette burns in the tablecloth---which really shows how long they have had that tablecloth since smoking in restaurants is now illegal) and while the food is good, it isn't great. I would rather go some place like Bistro D'Oc or Bistro du Coin for similar, yet better food, and a better atmosphere.

        1. Bistro La Bonne (Thu & Fri only), otherwise Montmartre is a good option.

          1. Bistro du Coin has gone downhill a bit, so I no longer recommend it.

            1. Montmartre (cassoulet and seafood), Bistro D'oC, or Bistro Cacao (atmosphere & the steak frites is a steal). In Old Town, Bastille is my new favorite.

              1. Is Lavandou in Cleveland Park open for lunch? They have really great Procencal cooking at a fair price...

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                  Lavandou is definitely open for lunch, and the quality is consistent with the dinner menu.

                  1. Personally I prefer Bistro D'Oc to Bistro du Coin. But both are good for a casual lunch.

                    1. Thanks, y'all. Will check out D'oC and report back.

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                        I would go to La Chaumiere or Cafe du Parc.

                      2. Lepic is the most "authentic." It has things on the menu no other has,(veal kidneys are a regular item for instance) and a large selection of half bottles so one can tailor the wine to each course easily. Unlike some of the others, you will see a much larger number of Europeans.

                        Try the risotto, which is one of the few in town that isn't mushy.

                        1. Has anyone been to Le Grenier on H Street?