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Jan 14, 2013 01:33 PM


Hi all. We are making our 5th trip to Rome via London in Feb. This time we are only staying 2.5 days. We have an apt in Trastevere.

Primarily the plan is to wander around the city, see a few lessor known sights, and eat well. We prefer a light lunch and a bigger dinner with wine. Given our limited time, I am mainly looking at 3 choices for dinner. Or, two dinners and one lunch. Here is what I have to choose from. Any other suggestions are appreciated too. Thanks in advance.

Flavio al Velavevodetta
Cesare al Casaletto
Taverna dei Fori Imperiali
Perilli (although there are so many conflicting reviews)

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  1. Pizzarium is not a restaurant, if that helps you figure. It's a mostly stand-up pizza al taglio.

    Flavio and Perilli, neither of which I particularly like, but that isn't important, are in the same neighborhood and have similar menus. Too much duplication for a short trip.

    I haven't been to Cesare, but would probably choose something more central on a short trip.

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      I have been reading a lot of Pizzarium for pizza - but I also have in my notes 00100. Any comments on the comparison?
      We are Pizza lovers - I always thought I could have that on a deserted isle! :)

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        if you are a pizzalover heading for rome, you might want to check out Katie Parlas take on the local options in her Parla Food blog. In case this link doesnt work, you can click pizza on her topic menu and it will take you to her rome pizza update

    2. you are staying in trastevere and it is not your first time in rome, so i DO suggest taking the tram up to Cesare. It is the best trattoria in Rome, at the moment. Bonus points if you like wine.

      1. I agree with Vinoroma, it's worth the easy trip to Cesare.

        I'm a fan of Taverna dei Fori Imperiali, Perilli and Flavio, but I'd only choose one out of the bunch. Between Perilli and Flavio I choose Perilli, which has fabulous carbonara.

        I just had a fabulous dinner at Renato e Luisa the other night. Maybe that should be one of your dinners, to mix things up?

        1. Thank you all for the advice. I should have clarified that Pizzarium would be for a quick takeaway lunch or late afternoon snack.

          Our apt is right on the Tram line so I thought it would quite easy to make the trip to Cesare. And after all I've been reading about it, worth it. So Cesare is a definate.

          I guess I should try Perilli and make my own judgement. Last year I opted for Checchino dal 1887 over Perilli. We were in Rome the 2nd week of that dreadful snow storm!

          As for Renato e Luisa I have ever heard of it. I will do some research. Thank you!

          Mbfant, do you have a recommendation for a more central restaurant?