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Jan 14, 2013 01:03 PM

Cornerstone Pub and Kitchen, Barre, VT

We ate dinner at the Cornerstone on Saturday. We'd tried to eat there the previous Tuesday, but there was a half hour wait for a table and I just wasn't up to a wait that night (half an hour isn't awful, I just didn't want to wait). They take reservations for five or more. If you have a smaller party, you can give them a call when you're about an hour or so away from being there, and they'll try to hold a table for you. We had six for our party on Saturday so I was able to make a reservation a day in advance.

I ordered the special that night, lobster mac and cheese. My husband and one of the other guys had the Cornerstone burger, which was 8 ounces of Kobe ground beef. Two others had wings, and one had a dinner salad. We all shared poutine as a starter.

The poutine was really good. They use a pork gravy and real cheese curds. it was a decent sized portion and we shared it out among all six of us. I really liked it (well, for poutine, anyway, it's not my favorite in the world). The gravy was great. :)

My mac and cheese was to die for. It wasn't chock full of lobster, but it was only $16, so I didn't expect it chock full. There were a few smallish chunks, but overall it was more the flavor of it. I'd been waffling between that or the fish and chips, but I'm very glad I went with the lobster mac. The cheese sauce was the best I've had in a restaurant in a long while, nearly as good as my best friend's sauce. :)

My husband said his burger was good, but not significantly moreso than the burger he'd had at lunch the same day at Ladder 1. (eta: I had a bite of his burger and I thought it had really good flavor and the bacon was delightful, but I don't know that I'd have known it was Kobe beef, but we could very well be visigoths. It was a GOOD burger) His accompanying fries were inconsistently fried, with some of them smaller and more frizzled than others, but were mostly good.

The salad was beautiful and fresh. It had beets and squash on it, and the guy who had it said it was yummy. The wings weren't gloopy or rubbery or squidgey. They were reportedly hotter than I'd like them, but probably not as hot as my husband would like them (the person reporting this knows our tastes pretty well ;) ).

I saw the fish and chips being delivered to another table and I was shocked at HOW HUGE the filet was. Next time, fish and chips, definitely. All the portions seemed reasonable. Service was delightful and prompt, dare I say even on the professional end of things? Ok, let's not get ahead of ourselves, it IS Barre, and the wait staff seemed mostly to be younger folks (high school, maybe college age), but they WERE attentive without hovering, polite and business like, and pleasant to speak with and had a sense of humor (well, the two we interacted with, anyway). Speaks to a well-run front of house that they were this way on a very busy night.

Looks like this place is hopping most of the time, so get a big party and make a reservation, or just be ready to wait a bit for a table. I think it's worth it. :)

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  1. Just ate dinner there last night to celebrate the signing of a contract. We both got Steak au Poivre and it was fabulous. A surprisingly large cut of steak that I wasn't familiar with "teres major" he called it. My husband looked it up and I was intrigued. It was delicious and the seasoning on it was PERFECT. I didn't need to add any salt or pepper, but it wasn't "over peppered". It came with a mustard cream sauce that was a lovely accompaniment. It was served with well-made mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus spears. Both of which I thoroughly enjoyed (I got my husband's asparagus, he doesn't care for it).

    This is a great restaurant with very good food options and lovely sounding daily specials. They have a wide array of beers on tap, and you can get Heady Topper (the only canned beer they serve) there.

    This place is totally worth the trip into Barre and finding parking (parking on Main Street can be tough). Totally worth it.