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Jan 14, 2013 12:56 PM

Best sandwiches in Pioneer Valley

What are your picks for the best sandwiches in the Pioneer Valley (MA)? My husband and I were at Bahn Mi Saigon in Hadley this weekend and while eating the Beef Bahn Mi, my husband said, "this has to be one of the best sandwiches around"....which prompted the above question. On my list is the Bahn Mi mentioned, the Chilmark at Woodstar (Northampton) and possibly the burger at the Dirty Truth. (would a burger count as a sandwich??). Anyway, would love to hear some of your favorite sandwiches....

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  1. Agree on Bahn Mi Saigon....Frigo's Fresh cooked veal with peppers.

    1. Bagel, lox and veggie cream cheese on an sesame bagel at Bread Euphoria

      and yes, the Bahn Mi

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        i've never had a bagel at Bread Euphoria. My go-to bagel is the everything with cream cheese, tomato, onion and lox at Woodstar. Have been intrigued by the one with goat cheese on it, but haven't tried yet.

        1. re: saintp

          I like the East meets West at Woodstar, and it is nice they have whole grain bagels. But imho the bagels themselves at BE are much better and they have a housemade veggie cream cheese that is really good. Check it out.