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Jan 14, 2013 12:44 PM

Home Cooking Board - COTM and related sticky

One aspect of the newst site design that continues to seem counterproductive is the new way the COTMs and other OTMs are "announced" and linked buried under a single sticky header.

This seems wrong both in terms of what newbies to the HC Board see when they go to the board, and because these items are actually active topics, unlike the other "stickies" which are static.

As a user, I find that, not seeing these announcement stickies, I lose track of the status of COTM and dish of the month nomination, voting etc - the board is so active that the actual threads can fall off the page.

Second, I think this change actually disccourages new participants from becoming more active participants and makes the OTM threads what amounts to a hidden, insider activity. The sticky invited people to participate in the theads - the current approach where the nomination, voting and announcement threads have to be actively looked for or seen whizzing by in the feed of currently active topics will not invite anybody.

So I think we need to go back to the earlier approach where these threads get their own stickies while active.

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  1. When the change first happened (redesign) and the way inwhich COTM (which I read only) and DOM (which I read and try to contribute to) were placed inside a sticky inside monthly OP's I didn't think it would hinder Chowhound participation because so much energy was spent explaining changes- but if you look at the number of comments and their date sequence closely you'll see the redesign has impacted focus on both OP's.

    If both opportunities are CHOW/CH projects that are designed to bring the communities of this site together, I agree fully with jen k's concerns and recommendations.

    The way the COTM and DOM are presented now does 'seem' exclusive...and elusive when I know that's not the intention at all. Oh and the archive is truly lost with this new formatting.

    1. I'm in complete agreement with Jen.

      These threads are hard to find now. I kept looking for a particular voting thread and it took days...Yes, could have done a search but I was not in a mood to switch screens to google it. Point is that it was much easier to find these threads prior to the switch.

      1. here is a post from today that illustrates the problem.

        1. I agree completely. Another problem is that I access the site primarily via smart phone, and the red headers don't come up at all on the mobile version of the site. New users who access chowhound via mobile devices would have no idea how to find nomination and voting threads. There's also no easy way to access the index of COTM threads or the COTM archives on a mobile phone. Bring back the stickies!

          1. <"So I think we need to go back to the earlier approach where these threads get their own stickies while active.">

            I missed this when you first posted, Jen. I completely agree with everything you said. This hidden links business is certainly not conducive to increased participation in any OTM discussion.

            Bring Back The Stickies!