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Jan 14, 2013 11:58 AM

85th Birthday Restaurant for 14 family members?

Hi all,

My Boston-based family of 14 is congregating New York on Saturday, March 3rd to celebrate my mother's 85th birthday. My father, who is an old New England Yankee (meaning, slightly money conscious) is treating us all to dinner and I would love some suggestions for him as to where to go. We all--particularly my mother--loves seafood. My mother also loves places that have character and are festive. Given her and my father's age, I'm thinking we should be in either a private dining room of a yummy restaurant or a quiet corner or nook. From past trips to Manhattan, my parents loved eating at Ouest, Periyali, and the defunct L'Impero. I wondered about the Oyster Bar? Some place where we could order seafood towers? Many thanks for any and all thoughts!

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  1. Whoops--I mean, Saturday, March 2nd!

    1. Please give a price per person estimate, and whether that should include drinks. Remember tax and tip will add approx. 25% to that amount.

      Also, no Oyster Bar is not a good idea. See this thread:

      1. I'll jump in with an all purpose suggestion of Strip House, and suggest the original location. Probably out of your budget range, but they do offer seafood towers.

        1. Maybe Atlantic Grill would suit? Not sure if it meets your price range. You imply not too expensive but you list Ouest, which is pretty pricey.

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            Thanks to all of you for your suggestions. I'll investigate the original Strip House, as well as Atlantic Grill. In terms of price per person, at a guess, I'd say around $75 without drinks/liquor or tax and tip...

          2. I don't know about the cost of private dining at Marea, but it's possible that it would fall into your budget.

            My second choice for seafood would be Esca, which has been around forever but is still reliable.

            I've also heard good (albeit not raving) reviews of Fishtail, and it's probably doable in budget, though I know David Burke restaurants are not overly loved on Chowhound.