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Jan 14, 2013 11:18 AM

Gluten free cake?


I am hoping to buy a delicious gluten free cake for a friend's baby shower. It would be great if the place could decorate it, but that is not a must. I am in the Cambridge/Somerville area, but anywhere in the greater Boston area would work.


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  1. try glutenus minimus bakery in belmont

    1. We just noticed a new bakery on Mass Ave in Arlington the other day called Something Sweet Without Wheat at 169 Mass. Ave. Have not had a chance to try it but as we also need a gf treat for a baby shower we may visit soon.

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        My neice is a celiac, and loves this place. She goes to the location in Woburn- not sure if they are realted to the ARlington store. have tried some of their coffee cakes and they are good.

        1. re: macca

          Yep, same people! They just opened the Arlington location a month or so ago.

          1. re: hungrybruno

            Nice people- they usually set up a booth at the Melrose FArmers Market in the summer. And lots of local places sell their pastries.

      2. Try Violette Bakery. Very nice people and excellent baked goods. They are at the Somerville Winter Farmers Market.

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          I have been hearing great things about this bakery. I will check it out on Saturday at the Somerville Market. Thanks!

        2. The pastry chef at Veggie Galaxy can make them. Her pastries are all vegan, as well.

          1. I haven't seen her for a while, but there was a woman at the SOWA market who made amazing vegan and gluten free desserts. The name of her company was Baked By Trizmo. Her stuff was delicious.