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Corn Fritters

Is there somewhere in the Boston area that sells corn fritters, especially to go? I used to have them when I was a kid at the Red Coach Grill and I'm still craving them.

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  1. I believe Redbones has them.

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      They do, with maple syrup, and they're great.

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        Of course, when a BBQ place has them, they *should* be called hush puppies! ;)

        1. re: Science Chick

          Corn fritters and hushpuppies are very different things, though -- fritters are like little "silver dollar" sized pan-fried corn cakes, while hushpuppies are usually golfball sized, deep-fried, and usually have onion, garlic, and peppers in them, too. Sadly the hushpuppies at Redbones are always disappointing (small, dry, tasteless).

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            Also, corn fritters are made from sweet corn kernels, while hushpuppies are nuggets of cornmeal batter - really not the same thing at all.

            1. re: Allstonian

              Ahh...thanks for the clarification. I spent a good 7 years living in Atlanta before returning north, and I loved those hushpuppies. I just assumed that they were the same thing as a corn fritter.....

      2. KO Catering & Pies does a very nice version. The Eastie outlet also does them, but only for weekend brunch.


        1. I have had a version on the Mei Mei food truck (they were awesome), although I am not sure if they currently sell them.

          1. related- any place do corn nuggets (at least what i've seen them called)? Variant where its more like creamed corn on the inside that is then battered and fried so you get the contrast of creamy innard and crisp shell.

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              Continental Rest. in Saugus serves great Corn fritters, altho with an unnaturally bright red syrup, along with popovers, spinach pie and chix wings with their meals but maybe you could get a take out order of them,.. I guess you could just add corn to some pancake mix and make some to tide you over the easy way! We actually just made up a great corn pudding with leftover Market Basket Corn Breads, milk, can of creamed corn,butter and eggs and baked it and it was really good. Probably could fry that as well..

            2. They are a side at Trina's Starlite Lounge.

              1. I was at Ward's Farm in Sharon today, exit 8 off 95, and they had really good corn fritters made with their own farm's corn. They were giving them out as samples and I ended up buying 2 cartons of the fresh hot crispy treats! I had to put them in the back of my SUV so I wouldn't eat them all on the way home!

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                  where were they cooking them? inside? out back?

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                    Inside the produce store at the counter down the back where you can order sandwiches, etc.

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                      thanks, keep your eye out for farm fresh eggs from Moose Hill trustees farm. I think they are selling them. I buy them from the farm.

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                        Thanks, I will. I don't get out there very often but will definitely look for them the next time I'm there.