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Jan 14, 2013 09:06 AM

Dinner in New Haven? (not pizza)

Dinner in New Haven? (Not pizza -- we know where that is) Prefer somewhat upscale but informal "New American," French, or Italian.

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  1. Union League Cafe is always a good choice. Not very informal, but not stuffy.

    1. Ibiza, fantastic upscale Spainsh. Great service and super food.
      Highly recommend.

      1. Love Ibiza and Zinc. You might also consider Oaxaca, which while Mexican, is "nice" Mexican. Heirloom is very nice too-- definitely in the "New American" category.

        1. SAGE for primerib, Barcelona for Tapas

          1. caseus (new american/brasserie friench) call to save a seat. focus on sustainable, farm to table. everything made in house. hands down my favorite place to eat in new haven.

            goodfellas. (italian. duh) better than you think it would be.

            cojones. (mexicali) redid their menu. more upscale.

            the new meatball house is owned by the folks who ran scuzzi. alacarte.

            i personally think the ULC and ibiza are overpriced and stuffy. but i'm in my 30's and prefer personality with my service.

            the park central tavern, just over the line in hamden, has a new chef and is doing great things too.