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Jan 14, 2013 08:56 AM

Impromptu London trip - comments and advice

Hi there. I am going to London tomorrow for a course and we are making a trip of it, staying till the weekend. I have a table booked at 28-50 for Wed night; we are doing pre-theatre at arbutus before a show on Thursday - will probably grab a coffee and pastry at the v and a near our hotel for breakfast.Going to meet a friend for dinner on Friday so might have a snack at borough market for lunch,and we are leaving on Saturday.

Was thinking of trying one of the St John places - either breakfast at chinatown or at bread and wine. Does anyone know if bread and wine also has pastries and donuts to eat in, or is it just literally what is on the menu?

Also, suggestions for a lunch - not too expensive - on the Saturday? I had a look at Harwood and Bull and Last for pub lunch - but the menu seemed quite nut heavy and OH is allergic. Don't want to force him to have limited choices.

All help gratefully received!!

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  1. I am allergic to some nuts and have eaten both at the Harwood and B&L and didn't notice either was very nut heavy. I am also pretty certain both would be happy to cook dishes without nuts (unless the nut was integral to the dish).

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      That's great to know. I just looked on their sample menu and the majority of dishes - or certainly the ones I know he would prefer - seemed to have some sort of nut component to them. Probably just bad choice of day!! I never know how amenable places are to substitutions.

      Which of the 2 do you prefer?

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        I like both. The Harwood has better cooking and is slightly more restaurant like, and the Bull & Last more rustic and truly pubby.