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Jan 14, 2013 08:39 AM

Martha Stewart Living Radio on Sirius/XM

Does anyone have any news about MSLR being canceled on Sirius/XM? I listen to this channel all day on my days off. Even if I'm not paying close attention it is on when I'm doing things/chores around the house.

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  1. I am very upset by this. All there is now is a recording saying she had gone to Stars radio on 107. I could listen to all the different shows all day long. I just subscribed to the android app to hear it while I was working. On 107 there is all kinds of talk shows that have nothing to do with Martha. She is only on in the evening it appears. Does anyone know what happened?

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      The company (MSLO) couldn't come to an agreement to keep the entire channel, so they shut it down and moved Martha to Stars (107) for a couple of hours of programming a day.

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        Thank you very much for answering. Is there anywhere I can go to see any updates on this situation. I'm sorry to say what I have heard of the 2 hours is not very entertaining. Martha and Alexis are very difficult to listen to together. Martha is fine when she has her Q @ A sets but they definitely need all the other talented staff to keep me tuned in all day. I hope that they get enough feedback from their very disappointed listeners that Mostly Martha is not nearly enough!

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          Hi there. You can write to but I'm afraid the die is cast. I was a producer there and they let us all go, plus the hosts, to do this new format. They don't tell listeners what is going on either, for some reason. But that is the story. I agree that it was a terrible decision :-)

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            Hi full manti, thanks so much for answering my question. I just wanted to know whether it was sirius radios decision or Martha Stewart. Here's an idea. I love Food Network magazine with a passion and their companion magazine HGTV and their whole Food Network. What if you got with all the talented people there to put up a radio show that had to do with the home and everything about it. Food, decorating, crafting, buying, selling, pets, children, holidays, vacations. Who needs Martha Stewart!!!! Go for it full manti!!! PS. Get back all the hosts who lost their jobs too!

      1. I must say that I am a bit lost with out Betsy in the morning. It was hard enough when Everyday Food went off the air a couple of years ago. I just loved hearing her cheerful voice (even just in the background) and she was so knowledgeable about food, cooking, food issues, etc. It kept me company at home doing chores or on the road running errands.

        Sirius should've taken Betsy instead of Martha. Martha's show is a bit boring. She can be so condescending to her guests. I think I even heard a repeat of an old Ask Martha the other day. No thanks.

        1. I'm sorry - I came into this late, but I just noticed that by using the phone app or logging in online, you have access to a channel they call Martha Online, where they play shows from the archive throughout the day. I'm like you - I love to have this on while cooking or working around the house.

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            I have always wondered what happened to Mario. Loved listening to his voice. When one can carry on an hour about the subject of "walking", like he did - that's just darn good. LOL!! And he was great.

            One day he was just......gone. No explanation, no nothing. Seems Martha has a pattern.