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Jan 14, 2013 07:56 AM

what kind of bowel did this?

Just returned from trekking trip to Patagonia. In Puerto Natales, Chile, at a phenomenal tiny place that had a few vegetarian options, we were served soups that came out of the kitchen to our table vigorously boiling and continue to boil in the serving bowels for a full 1-2 minutes. It was incredible. The bowels were basic dark brown, held about 4-5 cups, and were about 1/2-3/4 inch thick...look like dark wood, but felt like ceramic. Despite boiling, the top rims could be safely touched, but the lower area was too hot and so they were delivered to the table on serving plates. We asked the cook but our spanish was rough. Best as we figured, these were ceramic. We think she said once the soup was made, she ladled it into the serving bowel, and heated it again directly on the flames to a boil, then walked it out to customers. Has anyone seen this? I'd love to find a few such bowels. Thanks. Judy.

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      1. I have to assume you mean bowls . . . .

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            1. I haven't been to Chile, but they sound similar in nature to soup vessels I've seen in Asian restaurants, some of which are stone and some of which are ceramic. I've never seen them for sale but I bet someone will have a source.

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                Korean groceries and restaurants use ceramic or stone bowls that can cook and keep their contents bubbling.


                Sometimes Iron Chefs use Chinese 'sand pots' to serve their food. That use true last night in battle whiskey.

                Spanish cazuela is another option. They will continue to bubble after the heat has been removed. Years ago I had, in Ecuador, gabas al ajillo (shrimp in garlic oil) that bubbled at the table for some time.


                I also recall Portuguese ceramic bowls at CostPlusWorldMarket.

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                  Yeah. Maybe a cazuela:


                  Pretty neat. Wouldn't mind one myself.

                  Dang. I really need to go to Chile/S. America


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                  :) I bought a Korean granite stone bowl. It is awesome, but I only used it for three times. It is still awesome as a display.


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