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Jan 14, 2013 06:29 AM

Mauviel - Cast Iron Handle (Worth It?)

Just wondering if someone can tell me if the Cast Iron Handle versions of the Mauviel pots and pans are worth the premium? Their websites says that Stainless Handles are 2mm thick copper, while Cast Iron Handles are 2.5mm thick. I love cooking, but I'm not a professional cook and can't decide whether that extra .5mm of copper will really be worth it. I'm planning on keeping these for the rest of my life, could there be a durability advantage to the thicker copper as well as a heat advantage?

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  1. Hi, mundty:

    Yes, the extra 0.5mm is better. Unless your hob is continuously even, you will get better evenness of heat. The added durability is there, but not a determinative factor, IMO. Because of the added weight of the thicker pans, they can sit more stably on some gas range grates.

    And yes, the cast iron handle is worth having (compared to brass).

    Only you can decide whether the M250 is "worth" the added cost, but over a lifetime of cooking, it isn't all that much more.


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    1. re: kaleokahu

      Thanks for replying,
      Cost isn't a huge concern, I can buy them one at a time instead of buying a set. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't spending extra money that didn't justify the benefits.

    2. In the 2013 Catalog I can only find SS handles in 1.5mm Copper. I wouldn't worry much about the 2 vs 2.5mm if you see a piece that you like in 2mm. The Iron handles are not that much cooler plus they can rust. I prefer the brass but it's really just personal taste. The price on the 1.5mm has come up so far that the 2.5mm line is just a better buy IMO. The rondeau for example has less than a $50 difference between 1.5mm and 2.5mm.

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      1. re: TraderJoe

        Yes personal taste, l have @ 30 pieces of older tinned copper, all with cast iron handles. They are heavier, but for me look so much better, would own none without the cast iron handles.

      2. mundty, One of my favorite pieces of cookware is what my family calls "my magic pan"; it is a 2.5mm Mauviel sautoir w/ lid. I use it daily and have for two decades. It shows no sign of wear and would be among the first pieces I would rescue in case of a house fire! It has a cast iron handle but that was a non-issue in the purchase decision. When I buy new piece of Mauviel, I always buy 2.5mm.

        Over the years, I have been gifted with thinner pieces of Mauviel and much prefer the 2.5mm. For table presentation, the thin pieces are fine. On the cooktop, there is no question for me - 2.5mm.

        We built our home ten years ago and I lowered the standard height of my cooktop 3" because I am not the industry standard 6' tall male. These pans are heavy when empty and become even more so when full. As my birthdays accumulate, I am pleased with my decision but will hang onto my heavy pans as long as I can heft and toss them.

        Edit: I realize this is a personal observation and does not address your question of "worth". I cannot decide if the increased cost is worth it for you. It was for me.

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        1. re: Sherri

          Hee, husband fully understands that after the dogs the copper collection, also 2.5mm w/cast iron, is the only thing I care about saving in a fire!

          Anyway, for the original poster, I"m happy with my cast iron handle pieces. Yes, they are hefty but I like the look of them and all my copper is out on display on an Enclume free standing rack so the handles complement the rack well.

        2. Yes. No question about it. Go for the cast iron. You won't regret the decision.

          1. I prefer 2 + mm copper cookware, and, in general, the thicker stuff comes with cast iron handles. I would buy the 2.5.

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            1. re: Bigjim68

              Both Mauviel and Mazzetti use brass/bronze on 2.5-3mm copper. Mauviel offers both bronze (250b) and cast iron handles in 2.5mm but I agree most 2.5mm comes with Cast Iron handles.

              1. re: TraderJoe

                According to Mauviel's website, Cast Iron Handles signify 2.5mm copper, Stainless Handles are 2mm Copper, and Bronze are 1.2-2mm.

                1. re: mundty

                  You may want to Download a 2013 catalog from Mauviel as that info has changed. The 3mm Rondeau has bronze handles as does all of the current 250b (2.5mm) series. The M 150's (1.5mm) are all SS handles as well.
                  Julia may have preferred cast iron but nearly 50% of her Copperware had bronze handles.


                  1. re: TraderJoe

                    At a thousand dollars for three pans and two lids. I'm wanting more than 2mm thick and bronze handles.

                    1. re: Bigjim68

                      Hi, Jim:

                      Yeah, you'd think you'd get iron handles for a grand. And something beefier than the "turny" handles Mauviel uses.

                      Personally, I like iron handles a lot more than brass/bronze/bell metal on everything, but good luck finding it on everything. Frankly, in the oven it makes no difference, and loop-handled pans practically no difference. OTOH, anything with a long handle makes a big difference which metal--many times there is no need for a side towel or potholder with these, whereas with long handles in brass, you can get a very painful surprise after just minutes of cooking.