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"Real" Mexican Restaurants near Delray, Boynton, etc???

Driving back to Boynton from The Keys, we passed a slew of interesting-looking, no frills Latin restaurants on US441 in the Lauderhill, North Lauderdale, Plantation area. These looked like places that would be patronized by Mexicans, Brazilians, Nicaraguans, etc. One places that caught my eye was the Taqueria/Tortilleria Michoacana, just to give an idea of what I am trying to describe:


I would love to explore these places, but they are a bit distant from my location.

I've read about Taqueria Dona Raquela in Pompano, mentioned on CH but not recently, and about Tacos al Carbon in Lake Worth. Any comments on these, which are closer to me? I plan to visit Dona Raquel soon, so tips on what to order are welcome..


Can anyone give me a name, or details, of places that might fit the bill in the Boynton,Delray, Hypoluxo area? I do know that I can find Cuban resturants, but not looking for those right now.

Language is not an issue.

Many thanks.

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  1. I have been a fan of Tacos Al Carbom for years however i went to the location on 10th ave few weeks ago and it just was not as good as the lake worth one. As for Dona Raquela this is above them all. Also i have not been there but i hear good things about http://www.jefetaco.com/

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      Thanks. I did take a ride to Taqueria Dona Raquela today. Certainly, this is an authentic restaurant of the type I am seeking. Friendly service with English spoken by some of the staff, exceptionally clean premises.
      I was not wowed by the dishes we tried, but then those represent only a tiny sampling of the extensive menu.

      They were out of Tacos de Borrego (lamb tacos). In Mexico these are often reserved for weekends so perhaps this is the case here as well; I should have inquired.

      Tacos de Carne Asada ($2.39 each) were pretty good, but Tacos de Carnitas ($4.78 for two) were too dry and lacked substantial porky flavor of first-quality carnitas.

      I liked their red sauce, with good smoky (chipotle?) flavor, and the green tomatillo salsa was good as well.

      My dining partner, unaccustomed to Mexican fare, was pleased with the hefty chicken burrito ($5.99).

      Two aguas were on offer today: Horchata and Melon; the agua de melon was exceptionally good. A bargain at $1.99.

      Bill for above, with one Diet coke, was $18.18.

      I plan to return to sample other dishes; there is an entire page of specials available only on weekends.

      There is a well-stocked and well-priced Mexican grocery/butcher shop just next door to the restaurant. Location is within a small strip mall with ample parking in an adjacent lot.

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        I would do the same with Tacos al Carbon. Just go and order a bunch of stuff and it will put you out about $15.

        You can go to the sit-down, table service restaurant on 10th St.

        Or, go to the spot in Lake Worth, here you have 3 options. There's table service inside the building, there's the permanently parked Food Truck outside, and then if you show up at 5AM on Sunday morning there is the 24x7 window on the east side of the building.

        Personally, I prefer ordering at the food truck and grabbing a table over in the shade near the building. If you like you can bring a cooler with your own beverages. Or get some of their home-made juices including melon, tamarind, etc.

        My wife loves their veggie tacos, make sure you get them with avacado. I am a carnivore so I usually get a variety of meat options.

    2. Try Ladinos at the intersection of Military and Hillsboro behind the Chevron station. Huge selection. Excellent Colombian empanads and fantastic cevechie.

      1. Love love love Tacos al Carbon in Lake Worth. We always grab a table inside.

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          Many thanks. I plan to check out Tacos al Carbon very soon.

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            Finally had a chance to stop in here yesterday to sample a few tacos ($1.99 ech) --chicken; barbacoa (beef); carnitas; carne asada. (They were out of tripe on a Saturday afternoon)

            With the exception of chicken, which was, not surprisingly bland, all were very good. As was the cup of tomatillo salsa, included in each order.

            I liked this place very much..order from the truck; walk a few steps to order one of their fruit or horchata aguas (I had watermelon) and maybe a big cup of fresh, cubed fruit, take a seat at the outdoor tables, and chow down. Nice atmosphere...friendly folks. Helps to speak Spanish but not at all necessary.

            I hope to return soon to try other dishes.

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              Yes I should have warned you away from the chicken, I've gotten it a few times and I am always sorry I didn't stick with beef or pork.

              It's also quite a scene at night, there's often music blaring, the place is packed... you definitely feel like you're not in Kansas, or Boca, or Palm Beach anywmore.

        2. On the way back from The Keys.....you should have stopped in Florida City or Homestead......and eaten at real, authentic Mexican restaurants.....like Rosita's, NicaMex and the like........

          Ft. Pierce, FL

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            In answer to the comment by EMac, above, we made another trip to Homestead, and lunched at Rosita's. Very good for florida Mexican: See details here, reposted from last spring. Surprised that the large Latin market near Homestead gets little coverage on this forum..


          2. Just drove past a place I'd never noticed before.

            It's on Sample Rd, about 2 blocks W of 95 on the S side.

            "Taqueria Latina" - Authentic Mexican

            (said the sign in front)


            That's all I know, for now...

            1. Here's another "real" taqueria. This one is right in Delray, has been for at least a few years, yet I just found it.

              Taqueria Huetamo - NE corner of Linton and Congress

              This is a classic strip-mall hole-in-the-wall. No wonder I never saw it, there is NO signage from the street and even hard to see if you are in the strip mall itself.

              I had the 3-taco lunch special, w rice and beans, $7.99.

              Order at counter, grab a seat and wait for order to be called. Probably 7 or 8 four tops, all told.

              Tacos were classic authentic (I chose Al Pastor) w home-made corn tortilla (warmed, yay!), onion and cilantro. There's a self-serve case of about 5 different salsas, most are def on the caliente side.

              Rice and beans were a bit skimpy and not particularly memorable. Tacos fine, nothing mind-blowing, but decent.

              I can think of much worse ways to spend $8 for lunch. Would love to hear feedback from others.

              Facebook page has photos of menu (possibly outdated but you get the idea):


              My pics attached:

              * Front of store

              * Taco Al Pastor, Rice and Beans

              * Taco Al Pastor closeup

              * If you run low on cash, you can do this, next door.

              * 3 taco lunch special

              * 3 taco lunch special

              1. When I was in Delray Beach in the middle of December they were putting the finishing touches of a very cool looking Mexican restaurant right in the Pineapple Grove area almost diagonally across the street from the Hyatt Place....if anybody knows what I am talking about, please advise...if not, I will be returning in early February and will report back.

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                1. re: El Chevere

                  Good news..hope you will, ideed, report back, although the location with attendant real estate prices might argue against the authenticity. But who knows..will eagerly look for your report.

                  I put Taqueria Huetamo on my soon-to-visit list. Although the name indicates roots in the state of Michoacan, this along might not translate to a menu replete with regional dishes, although we can always hope!!

                  So things look up on the Mexican front...maybe we can finally get some quality eateries that veer off the typical tourist track.....I know there are a good number of CHers who would support these!

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                    Also a new Taqueria opening at the old site of Sheila's Conch and Ribs on Federal Hwy in south Lake Worth...

                    If you are heading north, its a mile or two N of P.O.

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                      That's it, thanks...I live in San Diego and dine in Tijuana frequently so I will report back about the authenticity.....hopefully, it's not another Americanized lard and guacamole place but time will tell.

                      1. re: El Chevere

                        The menu appears to be Ameri-mex. No al pastor or cochinita pibil but they have a mole negro to top their Americanized burritos. Berkshire pork and Murray Farms chicken are mentioned on the menu. Sourcing local ingredients is highlighted.

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                          thx...I can always stick to the tequila.

                        2. re: El Chevere

                          It's essentially on The Ave in Delray. And I like this ownership group.

                          But the likelihood of getting "authentic" Mex at a high-rent spot like that is about the same as on 5th Ave and 57th Street in NYC.

                          Their first allegiance is to pay the rent and run a successful business. And to do that in downtown Delray, you probably have to cater to the 99% of folks who are quite happy with margaritas and crunchy shell chicken tacos.

                          Their marketing says they aim to be authentic, and I believe them. But that can have a way of falling by the wayside when you open in such a touristy spot... as the best-selling items over and over turn out to be the Americanized stuff.

                          If you want real authentic, I'd drive up and down Dixie or Congress around Lake Worth... look for trucks or in strip malls... or head down to Homestead... in the agricultural areas of S Fla.

                          El Camino is a cool place - and its a big hit too by the way. But I would set expectations for the hard-core "foodie" folks...

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                            Cool...thanks...will save El Camino for drinks (plus, it's stumbling distance back to my hotel--Hyatt Place) and save my Mexican for San Diego....BTW, there's a booming Baja Mex cuisine flourishing in my general area led by pseudo celebrity chef Javier Plasencia....if you ever get a chance and the Mexican restaurants in Florida carry them, the wines coming out of the Guadalupe Valley in Ensensada, Mexico these days are wonderful and very reasonably priced. Santo Tomas is one brand I favor.

                    2. There are so many good recommendations here and it's a little south of "Delray, Boynton" but since Dona Raquel and even Rosita's have been mentioned...I must add Allegra Taco's in Oakland Park to the list. When it comes to authentic, Allegra is very high on my list of local favorites!