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Jan 14, 2013 06:04 AM

Soho Santa Barbara?

Just to give a little background...
We will be visiting the area soon and had planned an overnight stop in Ojai on our way back to LA from Paso Robles.

It turns out there is a concert we'd be interested to see in Santa Barbara and we first thought it would be a no-brainer to switch that night of the trip to SB.

But, the concert is at Soho and I see that in order to buy tickets in advance I need to reserve a table for dinner and there will be a $15 food min. pp. This sort of killed my enthusiasm as if we only have one night there, I don't know that eating dinner at a concert venue would be my first choice.

If anyone has attended a dinner show at Soho, please let me know how it was. Our one thought is to maybe do a more splurgy lunch and just go with the flow at Soho for dinner.

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  1. Too many great food choices to blow it at Soho. Do what you suggest, go have a great lunch elsewhere, or early dinner and just go with the flow at Soho.

    1. Are you sure dinner is required for the show? That's not standard there.

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        That was the only option online, so I called and was told standing room only tix would only be available on the day of the show. I did see a very unflattering review online from someone who had standing room only tix to a show with dinner did turn me off a bit, but just really hate not having the tickets ahead a time for a show out of town.