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Jan 14, 2013 05:48 AM

Top Notch Places Thai in South Shore

We have a house guests from the west coast who are lovers of Thai cuisine. Unfortunately, that is a blank slate to us so we are looking for help with good Thai spots anywhere on the South Shore. Can you help us out with suggestions anywhere from Weymouth south to Plymouth? Preferably somewhere in the middle of this area as we are in the Norwell, Scituate area. Lunch is the primary time as they prefer lunch to dinner when going out.
Thanks in advance for you help.

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  1. Star of Siam in Plymouth is wonderful REALLY!

    It is primarilytakeout--in a litte converted house on 3A in Manomet--but I believe you can eat in if you like.

    Food is prepared with lovingly and with great care.

    1. Right in Norwell is "Wild Ginger" on route 53. They are really good and the restaurant is immaculate! Delicious soups and noodle dishes. Highly recommend.

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        I'm sure I missed your guests, but for posterity's sake I have to second Wild Ginger! Absolutely delicious, and so clean it looks like it just opened. Some of the best Thai I've had anywhere, and the folks who run it are quite nice. Their fresh rolls are really FRESH, and their curries are also quite good.