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Jan 14, 2013 05:47 AM

Chianti in May - dishes and foods we must try

We're going for a 9 day trip to Chianti in May (staying between Poggibonsi and Greve in Chianti).

I would like to know what kind of local foods and dishes that are in season, and we have to try (and also where to try them, if you have a suggestion). We have a car so most cities between Siena and Firenze are possible destinations.

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  1. While I cannot reference specific seasonal dishes, it would be well worth your while to go to the upper right-hand corner of this page and do searches for Tuscany, Siena, Florence, Greve, etc. You will find many past threads discussing eating & dining options in Tuscany.

    You might also want to track down a copy of Fred Plotkin's book, "Italy for the Gourmet Traveler." The chapter on Tuscany will give you a better idea of the specialty foods of the area and there will be many suggestions regarding places to eat, food markets, stores, etc.

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      Dario Cecchini's butcher shop and restaurant in Panzano is certainly worth, assuming you eat read meat.

    2. Artichokes and fava beans will be in season then and if you are lucky you might still find some wild asparagus. Artichokes are a big favorite, you will find them in every course except desserts. Fresh fava beans are great in salads together with fresh pecorino and wild asparagus are fantastic on pasta and frittata.

      1. probably on may you will find panzanella as first dish (a tipycal meal done with bread), but apart that you are in the meat region!
        "Solociccia" in panzano is a great experience, remember to go in the butcher shop for an aperitif before you have dinner.... (you can see me and a friend of mine with Dario Cecchini, the butcher!)
        also Martellina and Padellina (between greve and grassina) are two good choice, also for an outstanding overview if you can have meal outside!