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Jan 14, 2013 05:24 AM

good takeout sushi in High Park/Bloor West?

Looking for good basic sushi for takeout. No AYCE places, just good, fresh fish. Recs anyone?

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  1. Just had Lan Sushi takeout in the Junction last night - fresh, tightly packed maki, friendly owners. Definitely a good solid standard.

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    1. re: miketoronto

      Definitely second Lan Sushi. Owners are super nice and they usually give you a free hand roll while you wait for your take out. I recommend the shitake-avocado roll and the spicy combo. They are pretty generous with the fish on the sushi.
      As for Sushi 67, they pre-make some rolls so I'm not sure how long they sit around for before they are sold or thrown out. They have some wacky combinations though.
      If you don't mind heading to the Roncesvalles area, I highly recommend Sushi on Roncy. They have the option of brown rice and have fresh fish.

      1. re: eaterjt

        Lan Sushi is great - have gotten take-out there at least 25-30 times in the last year and a half. The sushi has always been fresh and delicious. The owners are very friendly. Prices are reasonable and they have no problem accommodating a salmon allergy. The small sushi party tray is very good value for the price. Order ahead of time on their busy nights (Friday/Saturday) - it usually takes at least half an hour for your order to be ready.

    2. My go to is Sushi 67 on Roncesvalles - fresh fish and lots of good fusion rolls. Some good veg options as well

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        It's gone! Do you know what happened? It was my FAVOURITE - I am so sad!

      2. There's Asa Sushi ( Jane north of Bloor or Sushi Villa ( 2181 Bloor St W, east of Runnymede