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Jan 14, 2013 04:26 AM

Tarpon Springs Greek?

So I went to Tarpon Springs for the first time and saw "a million" Greek restaurants - too many to choose from. I need advice - which ones are worth going to; which ones should I avoid? Thanks.

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  1. There wil be more current opinions than mine since haven't been for a couple of years, but back when I did go Mikinos seems to be consistently good.

    If you do a search on this forum you will turn up many suggestions. Best of good fortune...

    1. Have been to Costas a few times. Typical Greek restaurant and like Mikinos consistently good.

      1. I like Mykonos or Costas for Greek. Rusty Bellies at the end of the street for non-Greek fresh seafood.

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          Long time, no see. I've been working in Tallahassee and am now back in the Tampa area. Mykonos has the best charcoal grilled squid I've ever had and everything I have had there has been good to excellent.

          I also love Costas, although the last time I mentioned it on these boards, I raved about the smelt. They were small, crispy, and excellent. This time, they were larger, not as crispy, and not nearly as good. Everything else I've had there has also been good to excellent.

          The third of my triumvirate is Hellas--obviously terrific pastries, having their own bakery, but I love the food, too, and have not had the bad experience of Florida Hound. But at least on weekends, they're excessively busy and the waiters seem a bit frazzled. Trying to pump out too much food too fast may be the explanation for Florida Hound's bad experience.

        2. Moved to Tarpon Springs from just outside NYC this past fall and was surprised at how good the food was down here. Echo Rusty Bellies for great seafood, especially grouper which is freshly caught in the Gulf by the family-owned restaurant's own boat. Gulf shrimp is also amazing. Going to lunch at Hellas tomorrow - tried the Hellas bakery next door and it's amazing. Only bad thing down here is, surprisingly, the bread. But then again, I'm a spoiled New Yorker in that regard.

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                Yup. Thought my son, who relocated to a suburb of Columbus, OH, was being petty when he kept asking me to bring him bagels whenever I visited but now I get it. Yes, rhnaut, it IS the water.

            1. If you want decent bread try the bakery on Athens Street. The only caveat being that they don't use any preservatives, so buy it that day, eat it that day,
              451 Athens Street Tarpon Springs, FL 34689
              (727) 934-5934

              I'm another Nyer that lives down here most of the year. Being Greek, all I could say is that in general, the native cuisine in TS leaves a lot to be desired with the biggest problem being inconsistent quality and a tendency to use lower end ingredients; Tzatziki is made with yougurt, not mayo and sour cream, the ubiquitos use of domestic feta, which has no semblance of tasting like feta, avgolemono that the main ingredients are chicken base and bottled lemon juice, greek salad with tomatoes that are one step above green, etc., etc..
              Hellas is reliable because of the volume that they do which keeps the food fresh, especially fish and seafood.
              Dimitris is ok, they're sides are good like boiled greens and fresh cut french fries (just remind them to make sure the fries come out hot).
              698 Dodecanese Boulevard Tarpon Springs, FL 34689
              (727) 945-9400

              As far as non-greek:
              If you're into fried fish Rusty Bellys is the way to go, with next door Pelican Point Market being my go to place for fish.

              As far as shrimp nobody has better shrimp than Northside Market (fresh dayboat headon).
              1236 North Pinellas Avenue Tarpon Springs, FL 34689
              (727) 945-9795

              Downtown,Tarpon Tavern is definitely a step up from your local pub fare with thirty craft beers on tap.
              21 N. Safford Avenue
              Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

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                Thanks for the heads up on Northside Market. I've never been there. How's their fish selection and quality. Obviously you prefer Pelican Point. Just wondering.

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                  These guys are shrimpers, they carry a very limited fish selection,,,