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Jan 14, 2013 04:17 AM

takeout lunch in clifton park/halfmoon

Hi- I take my dogs to a Vet in the Halfmoon area once a month - always stop at Halfmoon sandwich shop on the way home to Poughkeepsie - would love some new suggestions as I probably tried everything that interested me on their menu - went to Sorrentino's deli once as well as that meat store - wasn't impressed. Any where else worth trying? Need to be able to eat in car as we won't leave our dogs alone - going tomorrow - any suggestions??? No Chinese or Sushi though....

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  1. i believe wheatfields offers take out and the clifton park location is close.

    1. My SIL lives in Clifton Park just off exit 8, and they have mentioned a couple of lunch places they have liked. I asked her and this is how she responded:

      The Country Drive-In (just to the east off exit 8) is a seasonal spot), open from April to October. Burgers, etc. lots of great ice cream and an excellent fried haddock roll. Have to wait for Spring!!! The Halfmoon Sandwich shop has moved to a bigger bldg. on Rt. 9. We have never been there, but have always heard good things. They are a pair of Culinary Inst. grads!!

      1. Fred the Butcher in Half Moon makes excellent subs and sandwiches to order, mostly from their store-made deli products.

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          Thanks for the suggestions! We went on Tuesday but ended up brown bagging because we decided to instead pick up my favorite grandma pie in New Paltz on the way home for dinner. I have been to Halfmoon Sandwich shop at least ten times - like it and am always impressed what a smooth operation they are was amazed at the large transformation in a month's time - they should teach classes on how to properly run a deli! That being said, I have sort of exhausted my options there so was looking for something new. Got a sandwich once at Fred the Butcher and it was ok. I definitely want to try Wheatfields - prob next month when I am back up again. We did go to Dolce and Biscotti to pick up their amazing cupcakes - they and Moxie cupcakes in New Paltz are my fave cupcakes of all time!

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            I've really enjoyed the cup cakes at Dolce and Biscotti, but then I switched to craving their cinnamon buns. Unfortunately, the buns can be inconsistent. But they are always on target with their carrot or cranberry breads. I also recently discovered they make an excellent garlic bread.