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Jan 13, 2013 10:46 PM

Pork Cheeks?

Tails, feet, ears, intestines, stomach, snouts, rectum, hearts, uterus... I can get all those. But not cheeks. Would rather not buy 3 heads for 6 cheeks, Nor pay $$$$ for for the certified organic, free range, fair trade, nummytonka breed cheeks.


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  1. I wonder if Parkside's folks would let you know where they score their pork jowls?

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    1. re: slowcoooked

      I did some work for Shawn a few years ago so maybe I'll drop him note. Thanks. I'll also call Longhorn.

      I've never broke down a whole pig's head. Is there really much meat on them after the cheeks are harvested?


      1. re: sqwertz

        I've not broken one down either, but Parkside's Jowls the night I had them several months ago had a decent amount of meat, and of course a lot of fat too.

        Coincidentally I saw in my weekly HEB print ads for the Rundberg / Lamar shop near my house whole pig heads for some silly cheap price - it was last week I think. I laughed out loud with this picture of a severed pig head gleefully staring me. Even body-less they're cute.

        1. re: slowcoooked

          Just in case.... jowls are different than cheeks.

          A head probably weighs about 10-12lbs. So at $.50/lb I can see myself buying one just to put it on the culinary bucket list (and cross it off immediately). But mostly when I see them the shrinkwrap has been compromised and has lost its seal and the inside is crusty with ice.

          It's been a while since I've shopped at the third-world HEB's (Rundberg/Rutland was my main HEB for 3 years) but I imagine Thanksgiving to Christmas was prime pig head-buying season.


    2. I buy them from Richardson Farms at the Farmer's Market downtown. They've had them every time I've been.