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Jan 13, 2013 08:16 PM

Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner around Cobo centre (for autoshow this weekend)

I am making my 2nd trip to Detroit in less than 6 months, I am looking forward to it as I had a new perspective on the city on my last trip. I am coming down for the Autoshow this year, the first few times I came to Detroit were for the show but I didn't get a chance to explore at all. My past trip for an art festival I explored the city and food options more.

I am leaning towards coming down on Saturday and visiting the show either Saturday afternoon and evening or heading down on Sunday. I am going to take a look around here for some food options for this trip but I just did a search for "auto show" and "cobo" and I didn't come up with anything (actually, just realized I didn't change the date range so that might have effected things).

Any suggestions for places to eat in that area which don't take too long to prepare? My favourite food is BBQ when I can find good BBQ but I am open to pretty much anything. My friend is more of a "meats and potato" kind of guy. I see that the Cobo centre itself is launching new food options so we might check it out but I imagine the options will be expensive there.

I am thinking of parking further away close to a People Mover station and using that to get down to the Cobo or there is a chance we will stay overnight at the Marriot downtown (Renaissance centre). Would be open to options on the People Mover line.

Last time around I went to Slows and I really enjoyed it. Probably will hit up another BBQ place this time around (even if not during our time at Cobo) and maybe some other spots I meant to go before (a crepe place not too far away called Le Petite Zinc)

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. Good ideas, especially regarding the People Mover. I think you'll be doing yourself a big favor with that.

    Right near one of the PM stops is a place called Bucharest Grill, which has garnered (rightly so) great local fame for their terrific, and ridiculously affordable (especially given the location) chicken shawarma sandwiches. For under $5 including tax, you can have a complete meal in sandwich form, and you'll be impressed with the great taste, the freshness of the ingredients, et al. If you're at all inclined to eat there, it's directly connected to the Park Bar, where you can grab a table and order adult beverages to your heart's content. I've no idea if the bar service is any good, but I can tell you that the food from Bucharest is plenty good. I've never been less than pleased.

    Who's got the next suggestion, since I stole one of the easiest ones to make? :)

    1. Le Petit Zinc is cute and decent—mostly lunch, I think. For high-end meats: Roast on Michigan Ave. at Washington—People Mover or 15-min. walk from show: high-end meat-oriented place, very, very good. To save some bucks, go early at happy hour and get items from bar menu (assuming they still have this during the auto show).

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        "To save some bucks, go early at happy hour and get items from bar menu (assuming they still have this during the auto show)."

        They do/will, but if you think it's hard finding room to sit at the bar during Cocktail Hour on a *normal* weekday, you can up that by a factor of 3-4 during the Auto Show days, I'd say. It'll be madness.

      2. Thanks for the recs so far. We have decided to do one of our dinners at Roast. Any specific recommendations? Hard for me to decide which steak to order. The bar menu looks interesting too but having seen the other menu we are leaning towards the normal menu.

        Will try to check out Bucharest Grill too. I love shawarma here so curious to see if your variation is any different.

        Might even to a coney Dog at Lafayette Coney. I saw the coney places all over last time but never got a chance To try one.

        Any suggestions for good breakfast spots by the Renessaince centre? Manged to get a deal at the Marriott so likely staying there.

        Also, any feedback on Red Smoke BBQ in Greektown? Has mixed reviews on online sites. Some praising it and some saying mediocre, bad. I tried Slows and Lazybones last time so would like to try a different BBQ spot this time around.

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          Bucharest Grill's shawarma is a Romanian version that is VERY different. Enjoy, but it's super garlicky—maybe not a good choice for a hot date (unless you can get date to eat it too).

        2. Saturday at the auto show will be insanely busy, my suggestion is be there at the door when they open Sunday morning. If you're here Saturday morning, head to Eastern Market and have breakfast at Russell St Deli or Farmer's Restaurant, or there's usually a food truck at the market itself, plus samples from vendors.

          I would rather hop the People Mover from Cobo to Greektown and get a gyros at some divey Greek place there, than eat at any of the Cobo offerings.

          I will say that the Cobo renovations show some promise, I was at the show the last couple of days and the atrium overlooking the river is just lovely (was there for sunrise yesterday!)

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          1. re: coney with everything

            Thanks, will take your rec and go Sunday morning to autoshow. Another quick question, how " fancy" is Roast in terms of dress? Like decent jeans and butting down shirt adequate or should I bring a pair of dress pants? Finding mixed opinions on that.

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              Jeans and a button down shirt is fine.