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Jan 13, 2013 07:49 PM

Lemongrass in Calgary?

Is there anywhere I could find lemongrass in Calgary? I found powdered lemongrass at spiceland off fairmont drive (and accidentally brought home galangal powder instead!) but no fresh.

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  1. Many of the Asian grocery stores should have it. I've bought it from T&T as well as Lambda Oriental Foods (Centre St) before. The stalks should be in the produce section. Hong Kong Food Market on 17th Ave SE should have it as well as they carry a lot of different SE Asian herbs.

    1. Every Asian market will have it- same as miss.foodie we've picked it up at T&T and at Lambda and also the Chinese "supermarket" in Chinatown- no idea what it's called but it's on the same block as Try Again bubble tea. Ah, Binged it and it's called Hang Fung Foods, 119 3 Ave SE.

      1. I've seen it at Sobey's, Co-op and Safeway in the NW.

        1. Superstore has it usually too

          1. I've found it at Safeway, Co-op and Community Natural Foods.