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Jan 13, 2013 07:42 PM

Chinese new years traditional meal in Chinatown

Hi all,
I'm looking for an authentic chinese new years banquet restaurant for about 10 people. I've been to Jian fong for a wedding, and while that was great I want to try a differeent place. I was thinking about grand harmony. Any thoughts?
Anything on the menu that I should ask for? What kind of drinks are usually served? What is the total cost I'm looking at for about 10 people?

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  1. Royal Seafood
    Fuleen Seafood
    Oriental Garden
    Amazing 66

    Depends how much seafood and fish you decide on.

    Traditional dishes with dried oysters and scallops can be very expensive....large fish and shellfish too.

    In Chinatown.....You can arrange for bottles of liquor and soda for the too if they have a liquor license....if not, then you can BYOB.

    The only traditional dishes I remember are to have some
    type of noodles or Black Moss with Dried Oysters.

    Some sort of soup is usually on the menu....Bird's Nest(?) ...I let other weigh in on the availability of Sharks Fin.

    I would expect you would need to select a minimum $300-400 set menu...but I would opt to go higher the dishes elevate in quality and presentation the higher you go.

    Liquor, tax and gratuities are additional

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      Thanks so much for the suggestions!

    2. Traditional Chinese New Year meal, for those who follow the tradition, is more about symbolism than food, with dishes with lucky sounding names. Indeed, some (like myself) consider parts of it unappetizing. Just go for your favorite foods.